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Boeing 787 Dreamliner

This page lists recent changes to Airframer's data relating to this aircraft program.

18/12/2018MK Test Systems Ltd (linked to Test Equipment: MK BLRT (Bond Loop and Joint Tester))
05/12/2018Worthington Industries, Inc. (linked to Oxygen Systems & Equipment)
29/11/2018Aerostar SA (linked to Actuation: (supplied to SAFRAN Landing Systems))
21/11/2018Argosy International Inc. (link to Composites: Prepregs, honeycomb core)
21/11/2018Argosy International Inc. (link to Adhesives)
21/11/2018Argosy International Inc. (link to Coatings)
21/11/2018Arvan, Inc. (link to Processes: Compression moulded parts)
21/11/2018Collins Aerospace, Structures & Integration (B/E) (link to Cabin Interiors: Seating)
21/11/2018Carleton Technologies Inc. (link to Oxygen Systems & Equipment: Nitrogen generation system)
21/11/2018Cobham Antenna Systems (link to Electrical Components)
21/11/2018Pioneer Plastics (Conolite) (link to Cargo Systems)
21/11/2018DuPont Company (link to Engine Components: Thrust reverser parts)
21/11/2018Fastening Systems Intl., Inc. (link to Tools: Blind rivet tooling)
21/11/2018AeroControlex (link to Fluid Power: Fluid power products)
21/11/2018LISI Aerospace (link to Fasteners: Threaded fastener systems)
21/11/2018Hubco Bronze Inc. (link to Mechanical Components: Bronze bushings)
21/11/2018Esterline Engineered Materials (link to Mechanical Components: Clamping devices & seals)
21/11/2018Lawrence Electronics Co. (link to Surface Treatment: Plating process control)
21/11/2018Magnaflux (link to Inspection Equipment: Zyglo fluorescent dye penetrant)
21/11/2018Marking Methods, Inc. (link to Production Equipment: Marking equipment & service)
21/11/2018Mensor Corporation (link to Test Equipment: Air data test sets)
21/11/2018SKF - MRC Bearings (link to Bearings: Engine & gearbox bearings)
21/11/2018Norwich Aero (link to Sensors, Transducers & Detectors: Temperature & speed sensors)
21/11/2018Plasma Technology Inc. (link to Coatings: High performance coatings)
21/11/2018Positronic (link to Electrical/Electronic Connectors: D-subminiature, rectangular, power, and circular connectors)
21/11/2018Precision Castparts Corporation (link to Hot Forming: Castings & forgings)
21/11/2018Precision Castparts Corporation (link to Fasteners: Fasteners)
21/11/2018Rexnord PSI Aerospace Bearings (link to Bearings: Bearings)
21/11/2018Ralmark Company (link to Power Transmission)
21/11/2018HarcoSemco (link to Sensors, Transducers & Detectors: Sensors)
21/11/2018HarcoSemco (link to Electrical Components)
21/11/2018Servo Instrument Corp. (link to Passive Electronic Components)
21/11/2018Freudenberg Simrit GmbH & Co. KG (link to Mechanical Components: Sealing products)
21/11/2018Spectrum Associates, Inc. (link to Switches)
21/11/2018Spincraft, division of Standex Intl (link to Engine Components: Nacelle components)
21/11/2018Stein Seal Co. (link to Mechanical Components: Engine seals)
21/11/2018Teledyne Relays (link to Electrical Components: Relays & switches)
21/11/2018Tools For Bending, Inc. (link to Tooling: Tooling for tube bending)
21/11/2018Transport Dynamics (RBC Bearings) (link to Bearings)
21/11/2018Unison Industries, LLC (link to Auxiliary Power: Ignition system for APS5000 APU)
21/11/2018Valley Metals (link to Non-Mechanical Components: Tubular components)
21/11/2018Arconic Fastening Systems (Valley-Todeco) (link to Fasteners: Bolts & bearings)
21/11/2018Zodiac Seats US LLC (link to Cabin Interiors: First, business & coach class seating)
21/11/2018AVIC SAC Commercial Aircraft Company Ltd (link to Airframe Assemblies: Vertical tail leading edge assembly)
21/11/2018Collins Aerospace, Interiors (HQ) (B/E) (link to Cabin Interiors: First class cabins)
21/11/2018The Gill Corporation - France (link to Composites: Honeycomb manufacturing, precision processing & sandwich panel manufacturing)
21/11/2018Argosy International Inc., Taiwan Branch (link to Adhesives: Adhesives, coatings, cleaners, sealants & honeycombs)
21/11/2018Collins Aerospace, Interiors (B/E) (link to Cabin Interiors: VIP lavatories)
21/11/2018AdChem Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. (link to Engine Components: Engine components)
21/11/2018Eraser Co., Inc. (link to Tools: Wire, cable & tubing processing equipment)
21/11/2018Esterline Technologies (link to Sensors, Transducers & Detectors: High-precision temperature and pressure sensors, fluid and motion control components)
21/11/2018Euro-Composites (link to Composites: Honeycomb composites for galley and lavatories)
21/11/2018Hecht Rubber Corp. (link to Adhesives: Rubber products)
21/11/2018Hi-Temp Insulation, Inc. (link to Environmental Systems: Removable duct insulations)
21/11/2018Hurlen Corp. (link to Metals: Metals & alloys)
21/11/2018KEMET Electronics Corporation (link to Passive Electronic Components)
21/11/2018Laser Technology, Inc. (link to Test Equipment: Portable shearography equipment)
21/11/2018LISI Aerospace (link to Fasteners: Aeronautical fasteners and assembly components)
21/11/2018Esterline Control Systems (link to Airframe Assemblies: Flight sticks, control grips and throttles)
21/11/2018Sealtron Inc (link to Mechanical Connectors: Hermetic interconnects and microelectronic packages)
21/11/2018Sepac Inc. (link to Landing Assemblies: Permanent Magnet, Power-Off Brakes - PMB)
21/11/2018Skurka Aerospace Inc. (link to Electrical Power Systems: Electric motors, fans, blowers, speed transducers and tachometers)
21/11/2018Socomore (link to Chemicals: Solvents)
21/11/2018Southwest United Industries, Inc. (link to Coatings: Thermal spray coating services)
21/11/2018Toray Industries, Inc. (link to Composites: Advanced Composite Materials (TORAYCA carbon fibre products and their applications))
21/11/2018Turnex Tools Ltd. (link to Tools: Fastener extraction systems)
21/11/2018Arconic Fastening Systems (Valley-Todeco) (link to Bearings: Slotted entry bearings and nickel alloy specialty engine fasteners and airframe bolts)
21/11/2018Kamatics Corporation (link to Bearings: Self-lubricating bearings)
21/11/2018Solitron Devices, Inc. (link to Active Electronic Components: Hybrid circuits, semiconductors, voltage regulators)
21/11/2018Collins Aerospace, Structures & Integration (B/E) (link to Cabin Interiors: Galley inserts )
21/11/2018Collins Aerospace, Structures & Integration (B/E) (link to Oxygen Systems & Equipment)
21/11/2018Collins Aerospace, Interiors (HQ) (B/E) (link to Cabin Interiors: MiniPod lie-flat seats)
21/11/2018Socomore (link to Chemicals: Degreasers)
21/11/2018Socomore (link to Coatings)
21/11/2018First Boeing 777X flight test airplane comes together (news release)
26/10/2018Bandy Manufacturing (linked to Mechanical Components: Cargo door hinges)
10/10/2018CTT Zonal Drying removed as basic equipment on Boeing 787 (news release)

Information on this page is compiled from a variety of sources, and links do not necessarily imply recommendation or confirmation by the airframe manufacturer.

Enhanced listings:

Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies
Airmo manufactures systems and tools for hydrostatic testing, end forming, tube expansion, and high-pressure accessories to 60,000psi (4,137bar).

Bandy Manufacturing
Bandy Manufacturing is the leading supplier of standard and custom hinges to the aerospace industry.

Dymax Corporation
A leading manufacturer of advanced light-curable adhesives, maskants, coatings, oligomers, light-curing equipment, and fluid dispense systems.

Attwater & Sons Ltd T/A Attwater Group
Attwater are manufacturers and machinists of thermoset, high pressure composite sheets to recognised international standards.

Indestructible Paint Ltd
A developer and manufacturer of specialist, technology coatings to support the lifetime of aviation, defence and general industry.

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