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Hartzell Propeller Inc (U.S.A.)
Contact details
Address One Propeller Place, Piqua, OH 45356-2634, U.S.A.
Telephone +1 937 778 4200
Facsimile +1 937 778 4321
Email sales@hartzellprop.com
Web www.hartzellprop.com
Parent company Tailwind Technologies Inc.
Preferred supplier
Beechcraft Corporation (Performance Promise Award 2008) , EADS PZL "Warszawa-Okecie" SA
Client aircraft programs
Aermacchi SF-260EA Metal Propellers - HC-C2YK-1BF/8477-8R two-blade constant speed metal propeller
Air Tractor AT-402B Metal Propellers - HC-B3TN-3D/T1028N+4 three-blade, constant speed reversible pitch propeller
Air Tractor AT-502 Metal Propellers - HC-B3TN-3D/T10282N+4 three-blade propeller
Air Tractor AT-602 Metal Propellers - HC-B5MP-3C/M10876ANS five-blade constant speed reversing propeller
Air Tractor AT-802 Metal Propellers - HC-B5MP-3F/M11276NS (for -65AG engine), or HC-B5MA-3D/M11691NS (for -67AG or -67F engine) five-blade constant speed, feathering reversible pitch propeller
American Champion 8GCBC Scout Metal Propellers - HC-C2YR-1BF/FC7666A 2-blade constant speed propeller. Or HC-C3YR-1RF/F7282 3-blade constant speed (option)
American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon Metal Propellers - HC-C2YR-4CF/FC7666A-2 two-blade constant speed propeller
Angel 44 Metal Propellers - HC-E3YR - 2 ALTF/FLC-7458 three-blade feathering constant-speed propellers
Antonov An-38 Metal Propellers - HC-B5MA five-blade propellers
Avia Accord 201 Metal Propellers - PHC-H3YF-2UF/FC7453 three-blade, constant speed fully feathering propellers
Aviat Eagle II Metal Propellers - HC-C2YK-4/C7666A-2 two-blade constant speed propeller
Aviat Husky A-1C Metal Propellers - HC-C2YK-1BF/F766A two-blade constant speed propeller; or HC-C2YR-1BF/F8477-4
Aviat Pitts S-2C Composite Propellers - HC-C3YR-1A/C7690C or E three-blade constant speed acrobatic composites propeller
Bearhawk Metal Propellers - Two- or three-blade propellers, typically F7693F (three-blade)
Beechcraft Baron G58 Metal Propellers - Three Blade, Aluminum Alloy, 77" Diameter, Constant Speed Propellers With Full Feathering and Polished Spinners. Scimitar three-blade 7391 (upgrade option)
Beechcraft Bonanza G36 Metal Propellers - PHC-C3YF-1RF/F7663-2R three-blade constant speed propeller
Beechcraft King Air 250 Metal Propellers - HC-E4N-3G/D9390SK-1R Four-blade, constant speed, reversible pitch, autofeathering & synchrophasing metal propellers standard. ASC-II four-blade composite propellers (option)
Beechcraft King Air 350 Metal Propellers - HC-B4MP-3C/M10476K four-blade, constant speed fully feathering, reversible pitch metal propeller
Beechcraft King Air 90 Metal Propellers - HC-E4N-3N/D8990SK four-blade, constant speed fully feathering, reversing propellers.
Beechcraft T-6 Metal Propellers - HC-E4A-2/E9612 four-blade fully feathering propeller
BNG BN2 Islander Metal Propellers - HC0C2YK-2B or -2C two-blade constant speed feathering propeller, or HC-C3YR-2UF/FC8468-8R three-blade propeller.
BNG BN2T-4S Defender Metal Propellers - Three-blade propeller
Cessna 182 Skylane Metal Propellers - Three-blade scimitar aluminium Top Prop (Option)
Cessna 208 Caravan Metal Propellers - HC-B3MN3/M10083 three-blade propeller (option)
Cessna T240 TTx Metal Propellers - PHC-J3YF-1RF/F7691D-1 three-blade constant speed propeller (350); HC-H3YF-1RF/FL693DF (400)
Cirrus SR20 Metal Propellers - BHC-J2YF-1BF/F7694 two-blade propeller (Standard model); PHC-J3YF-1MF/F77392-1 three-blade (GS, GTS models)
Cirrus SR22 Metal Propellers - Scimitar Select three-blade constant speed propeller
Cobalt Co50 Metal Propellers - Constant speed three blade propeller
Comp Air 12 Metal Propellers - Five-blade propeller
Comp Air 9 Metal Propellers - Four-blade propeller
Daher-Socata TBM 900 Composite Propellers - Swept airfoil structural composite five-blade propellers & spinners
Diamond DA40 Diamond Star Composite Propellers - 74 inch two-blade Compact series propeller; two-bladed ASC-II composite propeller (DA-40XLS) ; Metal Propellers - Two-blade 74" aluminium propeller (DA-40CS)
Diamond DA42 Twin Star Metal Propellers - FC7495S two-blade propeller
Dornier 228 Metal Propellers - Four-blade fully feathering propeller with reverse pitch
Dream Tundra Metal Propellers - Two-blade metal propeller
Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano Composite Propellers - Five-blade, constant-speed, fully-feathering reversible-pitch propeller
Epic LT Metal Propellers - HC-E4A-3D four-blade propeller
Evektor VUT 100 Cobra Composite Propellers - HC-F3YR-1RF three blade constant speed propeller
Expedition 350/XC Metal Propellers - HC-C3YR-1RF/F8068A-2R three blade 82" constant speed propeller ; Propeller Spinners - Spinner & governor
Gippsland GA18 Nomad Metal Propellers - Three blade scimitar propellers
Gippsland GA200C Fatman Metal Propellers - HC-C2YR-1BF/F8475R constant speed two-blade metal propeller
Gippsland GA8 Airvan Metal Propellers - HC-C2YR-1BF/F8475R constant speed two-blade metal propeller; 80" three-blade scimitar propeller (GA8-TC 320 version)
Glasair III Metal Propellers - Four-blade propeller on Super III variant
Glasair Sportsman Metal Propellers - Constant speed two-blade propeller
Glasair Super II Metal Propellers - Constant speed metal propeller
Grob G 120 Composite Propellers - HC-C3YR-1RF/F7663R three-blade constant speed propeller
Hafei Y-12 Metal Propellers - HC-B3TN-3B/T10173B-3 three-blade constant speed reversible pitch metal propeller, or HC-D4N-3N/D9511FK four-blade constant speed reversible pitch metal propellers (with PT6A-135A engine on Y-12E), or HC-B5MA-3/M10876AN(K)(S) five blade metal propeller (Y-12F)
Hongdu N-5 Metal Propellers - HC-C3YR-1RF/F8475R three blade variable pitch propeller
Ilyushin IL-103 Metal Propellers - BHC-C2YF-1BF/F8459A-8R two-blade constant speed propeller
IPE IPE010 Metal Propellers - HC-C3YR-1RF/F8468A-2R three-blade aluminium propeller
KAI KC-100 Naraon Composite Propellers - ASC-II composite three-blade propeller & S-Series propeller governors
KAI KT-1 Woong Bee Metal Propellers - HC-E4N-2/E9512CB-1 four-blade, constant speed fully feathering propeller
Kestrel Aircraft Company Kestrel 350 Metal Propellers - Four-blade 105" constant speed propeller ; Composite Propellers - ASC-II four-blade composite propeller
Khrunichev T-207 Metal Propellers - Five-blade variable pitch propeller
Khrunichev T-411 Aist Metal Propellers - Three-blade variable pitch propeller (with Lycoming engine option)
Lancair Evolution Metal Propellers - Four blade propeller
Mooney M20 TN Acclaim Composite Propellers - Blended airfoil three blade scimitar propeller
Mooney M20R Ovation series Composite Propellers - Blended airfoil three blade scimitar propeller
NAL Saras Metal Propellers - Five-blade, constant speed pusher propellers
Nanjing AC500 AirCar Metal Propellers - Three-blade propeller
Neiva EMB-202 Ipanema Metal Propellers - Three-blade constant speed propeller
Northrop Grumman Firebird Composite Propellers - Bantam ASC-II composite propeller
PAC 750XL Metal Propellers - HC-B3TN-3D/T10282NS+4 three-blade, constant speed, fully feathering reversible pitch metal propeller
PAC CT/4E Airtrainer Metal Propellers - HC-C3YF-4BF/FC7663-2R three-blade propeller
PAC Mushshak Metal Propellers - HC-C2YK-1BF two-blade constant speed propeller
Piaggio P.180 Avanti II Metal Propellers - HC-E5N five-blade, constant speed, fully feathering reversible pitch aluminium pusher propeller; 85 diameter, five blade, fully feathering & reversible, hydraulically controlled, constant speed propellers (EVO)
Pilatus PC-12 Metal Propellers - HC-E4A-3D/E10477K four-blade, constant speed fully feathering, reversible pitch aluminium propeller
Pilatus PC-21 Composite Propellers - E8991KX Scimitar five-blade graphite/titanium propeller
Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter Metal Propellers - HC-B3TN-3D/T-10178 C or CH, T10173 C or CH three- or four-blade, constant speed fully feathering, reversible pitch propeller
Pilatus PC-7 MKII Metal Propellers - HC-D4N-2A four-blade constant speed fully feathering propeller
Pilatus PC-9 M Metal Propellers - HC-D4N-ZA/09512A four-blade constant speed fully feathering propeller
Piper PA-46-350P Mirage Composite Propellers - Top Prop three-blade second generation composite propeller
Piper PA-46-500TP Meridian Metal Propellers - HC-E4N-3Q 4-blade
Pulsar Super Cruiser Composite Propellers - Three blade scimitar propeller
PZL Mielec M28 Skytruck/Bryza Metal Propellers - HC-B5MP-3 five-blade metal propeller
Quest Kodiak Metal Propellers - 96" four blade aluminium propeller
RAA E-7 Voyager Metal Propellers - HC-SL-61-265 three-blade propeller
Ravin Ravin 300/500 Metal Propellers - Scimitar three-blade pulse propeller (Ravin 500). Two-blade variable pitch propeller (Ravin 300)
Robin President DR500-200i Metal Propellers - Two-blade constant speed metal propeller
Shijiazhuang LE-500 Little Eagle Metal Propellers - HC-C2YK-1BF/F8477-4-80 two-blade, constant speed non-feathering propeller
Socata TB20/21 Trindad GT Metal Propellers - Two-blade constant speed propeller
Socata TB9/10/200 Tampico/Tobago GT Metal Propellers - Two-blade constant speed propeller
Socata TBM700/850 Metal Propellers - HC-E4N-3/E9083S(K) four-blade, constant speed, fully feathering reversible pitch metal propeller
Tapanee Levitation Metal Propellers - Two-blade propeller
Thrush 510 Composite Propellers - 4-blade lightweight turbine series 103" propeller
Van's RV-10 Composite Propellers - Three-blade ASC-II constant speed propeller
Van's RV-12 Composite Propellers - Two-blade ASC-II constant speed propeller
Van's RV-3 Composite Propellers - Two-blade ASC-II constant speed propeller
Van's RV-4 Composite Propellers - Two-blade ASC-II constant speed propeller
Van's RV-7 Composite Propellers - Two-blade ASC-II constant speed propeller
Van's RV-8 Composite Propellers - Two-blade ASC-II constant speed propeller
Van's RV-9 Composite Propellers - Two-blade ASC-II constant speed propeller
Viking Twin Otter Series 400 Metal Propellers - HC-B3TN-3DY three-blade, reversible pitch fully feathering metal propeller
Vulcanair P68 Metal Propellers - HC-C2YK-2CUF two-blade, constant speed fully feathering propeller
Zlin Z 242 L Metal Propellers - HC-C3YR-4BF/FC 6890 metal three-blade, hydraulic pitch controlled, constant speed propeller
Engine Components, Rotors & Propellers
Manufactured product categories
Composite Propellers, Engine Accessories, Metal Propellers, Propeller Spinners, Synchrophasers
Sales agent categories
Engine Accessories
Company press releases
Hartzell and Quest sign KODIAK sole-source propeller agreement  December 1, 2014
Hartzell Propeller to supply lightweight 5-blade props for Piaggio Avanti EVO  August 5, 2014
Hartzell and Daher-Socata achieve outstanding performance for TBM 900  June 23, 2014
Hartzell Propeller back in business with Mooney Aircraft  April 14, 2014
Hartzell, Cirrus Aircraft extend sole-source propeller accord  February 11, 2014
Hartzell's new Bantam Series ASC-II composite propeller selected by Northrop Grumman for its Firebird OPV  December 17, 2012
Hartzell ASC-II composite propeller selected for Kestrel Aircraft's new single engine turboprop  October 29, 2012
Hartzell Propeller develops new 3-blade ASC-II composite propeller for Van's Aircraft RV-10 kit aircraft  July 17, 2012
Hartzell selected as propeller provider for GE H80-powered Thrush 510G agricultural aircraft  April 10, 2012
Hartzell Propeller receives AS9100 and ISO9001 certification  April 22, 2011

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Other relevant press releases
EPS aero-diesel engine achieves successful propeller vibration milestone at Hartzell Propeller  February 12, 2013
FAA Type Certificate for GippsAero's turbocharged Airvan  July 29, 2010
Hawker Beechcraft yields substantial gains in AT-6 Light Attack program  July 19, 2010
50th anniversary Beechcraft Baron to debut at 2010 Sun 'n Fun Fly-In  April 12, 2010
Turbocharged Airvan certified in USA and Europe  November 10, 2009
Hawker Beechcraft celebrates Baron 50th anniversary with special limited edition model  November 6, 2009
Piper Aircraft deploys new generation Hartzell "Top Prop"  July 27, 2009
First flight for the Lancair Evolution  March 28, 2008
Aviat Aircraft rolls first Husky A-1C off the production line  November 29, 2007
Aviat Aircraft announces new Husky model with 200 pounds gross weight increase  April 13, 2007

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