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Eclipse Aviation partners with world-class suppliers to deliver next-generation Avio Total Aircraft Integration System

Eclipse Aviation, manufacturer of the world's first very light jet (VLJ), and leading avionics suppliers Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc. (IS&S), Chelton Flight Systems, Garmin International, Honeywell, PS Engineering, Inc., today announced a partnership to produce "Avio NG," the next-generation Avio system for the Eclipse 500. Avio NG, an improved version of the Eclipse 500's Avio Total Aircraft Integration system, has been in development for many months and is scheduled for production and delivery this summer. In keeping with a customer-centric focus, Eclipse will retrofit all Eclipse 500 aircraft with Avio NG by the end of 2007, ensuring a homogeneous Eclipse 500 fleet.

Avio NG delivers significant enhancements providing next generation digital avionics with demonstrated airline reliability and systems capability unparalleled in the very light jet segment. These enhancements include:

-Improved reliability achieved through:

* EFIS software that has been similarly deployed as level A software

* Higher Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rates for Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-function Display (MFD) hardware

* Use of hardware systems that have been used primarily in Part 25 airplanes

* Improved systems architecture and design

-768 x 1024 resolution PFD displays and 1440 x 900 resolution MFD display

-Enhanced digital audio and Communication Navigation System (CNS) functionality

-Improved growth capability for future "next generation" avionics functionality

"We are excited to partner with such highly-reputable avionics companies by our side," said Vern Raburn, president and CEO of Eclipse Aviation. "These suppliers have proven to be great partners to premier companies in almost every segment of aviation. Their established track records and superior capabilities will allow us to provide our customers with the Avio we always promised. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with each company."

The proven, air transport-quality components provided by these suppliers will enable Eclipse Aviation to deliver on its promise to provide unmatched avionics functionality that significantly reduces pilot workload by simplifying tasks, generating useful information, managing systems and assisting with troubleshooting. Changes to the Avio user interface will be minimal, providing customers, pilots and mechanics with a seamless transition that will require little to no new training.

Eclipse Aviation will continue to serve as the systems integrator for the overall Avio NG system, but has employed a best-of-breed strategy for the Avio NG partners. Each supplier has deep expertise in the specific Eclipse 500 component they will provide.

Replacing the Avidyne displays, IS&S will provide hardware and select software for the Eclipse 500 PFDs and MFD for Avio NG. IS&S is a high-performance international avionics supplier to civil, military, business and commercial markets. Prior major contracts awarded to IS&S have included the flat panel display systems for the Boeing B737, B757, B747 and B767; legacy Cessna Citation aircraft; and the Pilatus PC-12.

IS&S chairman and CEO Geoffrey Hedrick stated "IS&S is honored to be part of the revolutionary Eclipse 500 program. We look forward to delivering reliable and cost effective displays to Eclipse Aviation, allowing the Avio Total Aircraft Integration concept to become a reality on the Eclipse 500."

Additional new suppliers for Avio NG are:

Chelton Flight Systems - Avio NG will also include a flight management system (FMS) provided by Chelton Flight Systems. This FMS has been proven in multiple aircraft installations starting more than 6 years ago and now has flight guidance algorithms for all of the ARINC 424 published path segments. The core of the FMS has been written and certified to level A standards in prior releases. The guidance functionality provided includes GPS-based lateral aircraft control, along with vertical navigation (VNAV). The Chelton FMS will be integrated into Avio NG, presenting the pilot with a consistent user interface. This full-featured RTCA/DO-229C capable flight management system includes capability to create, save, store, recall, reverse, and edit flight plans by waypoint or airway, the user will be able to create custom waypoints, add or delete waypoints from an active route, specify parallel track operation, and more.

Garmin International - Dual remote mounted Mode S Enhanced Surveillance transponders are provided by Garmin's GTX 33 and GTX 33D. These IFR- certified, Level 2, solid-state Mode S transponders offer expanded capability including optional diversity capability.

Honeywell - Avio NG uses the new Honeywell Primus Apex KTR 2280 Multi Mode Digital Radios (MMDR), consisting of digital VHF Navigation receivers (VOR, LOC, GS), and an optional ADF receiver. Each MMDR includes one transmitter and six receivers, capable of 8.33/25 kHz channel spacing operation and simultaneous monitoring of two VHF communication frequencies. The KTR 2280 is seamlessly integrated into Avio NG, providing users with radio management capability through the PFDs and MFD. Honeywell also provides safety sensors for Avio NG including the industry standard RDR 2000 Weather Radar System and the optional KGP 560 Terrain Awareness System (TAWS).

PS Engineering - The digitally controlled audio system for Avio NG is provided using PS Engineering's PMA500 remote audio control system. The PMA500 interfaces with Avio NG for radio and navigation audio selection, intercom and mode control, and has an integrated marker beacon receiver. The audio control panel includes split transmit capability, hi-fi stereo in-flight entertainment inputs, and IntelliVOX®, a patented squelch protocol that completely eliminates manual intercom squelch, adjusting dynamically to cockpit sound conditions.

About Avio NG

Designed by Eclipse Aviation exclusively for the Eclipse 500, Avio NG provides Total Aircraft Integration through integral, redundant computer systems and advanced data and power distribution systems. Avio NG applies integration technology to the entire aircraft, including avionics, engine operation, fuel system, flaps, landing gear, cabin pressure and temperature. The cockpit features two PFDs and one MFD, which are controlled by selection keys and knobs on the displays or by a keyboard at the pilot position. The PFD and MFD provide the pilot with high-resolution display of all flight parameters, engine and system performance data, and total system control.

About Eclipse Aviation

Eclipse Aviation, manufacturer of the world's first very light jet, is in the business of designing, certifying and producing modern, affordable jet aircraft that will revolutionize the transportation market. The company is applying advanced electronics systems, manufacturing and business practices to produce aircraft that cost half that of today's small jet aircraft, will be significantly safer and easier to operate than those of today, and have the lowest cost of ownership ever achieved in a jet aircraft.

The goal of Eclipse is to bring the word "personal" into aviation, making it possible for commercial air passengers to move directly between cities on a quick, affordable and convenient basis. It will also allow pilot owners to enter the world of jet-powered aviation.

Press release issued by on March 5, 2007


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