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Bombardier announces another 17 suppliers for the CSeries aircraft program

Bombardier Aerospace (TSX:BBD.A) (TSX:BBD.B) today announced another 17 suppliers for the CSeries aircraft program. These suppliers join others which were previously announced, and will contribute significantly to the development of the CSeries aircraft which are optimized for the longer range, single-aisle, 100- to 145-seat market. The CSeries aircraft is scheduled to enter service in 2013.

"We are very proud of the team of suppliers selected to work with Bombardier on our game-changing CSeries aircraft," said Rob Dewar, Vice President, CSeries Integrated Product Development Team. "These suppliers have the technical capabilities and experience to help us develop the CSeries aircraft which will deliver the lowest operating costs in their class, exceptional operational flexibility, widebody comfort and an unmatched environmental footprint."

CAE of Montreal, Canada will first provide a comprehensive suite of engineering services and simulation-based technology tools to support the design, testing and certification of the CSeries aircraft platform as part of Bombardier's Complete Integrated Aircraft Systems Test Area (CIASTA) program. Thereafter, CAE will build prototype CSeries aircraft Full Flight Simulator and CAE Simfinity(TM) devices.

Esterline Control Systems-Korry of Bellevue, Washington, USA will provide integrated cockpit control panels for the CSeries aircraft. The 14 Korry panels which will use Esterline Control Systems' Opticon (TM) solid-state switching technology are used to control the operation of various aircraft functions, including the hydraulic, fuel, electrical and lighting systems.

Goodrich Corporation, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, USA has been selected to provide its next-generation SmartProbe(TM) air data system, ice detection system and external, cockpit and maintenance lighting systems for the CSeries aircraft. The next-generation SmartProbe system provides all critical air data parameters for the aircraft's flight control, pilot display and other systems. The primary ice detection system advises flight crews of ice buildup for activation of the ice protection system at the optimal time. The external, cockpit and maintenance lighting systems use HID, and LED lighting technologies to meet the lighting system requirements.

Hamilton Sundstrand of Rockford, Illinois, USA will be providing the electrical system for the CSeries aircraft. As such, Hamilton Sundstrand will be responsible for designing and qualifying the electric power generation system, as well as the primary and secondary power distribution systems.

Honeywell of Phoenix, Arizona, USA will provide the inertial reference system (IRS) and the auxiliary power unit (APU) for the CSeries aircraft. The IRS system provides positioning and attitude data for the aircraft's navigation system as well as other systems. The APU provides power as well as pressurized air for engine start and cabin systems.

Kidde Aerospace & Defense, a Hamilton Sundstrand business, located in Wilson, North Carolina, USA, will be responsible for the integrated fire protection system for the CSeries aircraft. The Kidde turnkey solution includes an array of fire protection equipment such as advanced technology smoke detectors, fire detectors, environmentally-friendly fire extinguishers and integrated control electronics.

L-3 Aviation Recorders (L-3AR), a division of L-3 Communications, will design, develop, qualify and manufacture the state-of-the-art voice and flight data recording system for the CSeries aircraft. The system provides very high fidelity flight crew voice recording capability along with digital air traffic and ground control data message recording, and flight data recording at the highest data rates possible for new-design aircraft. The L-3AR CVR and FDR products and accessories ensure full compliance with all FAA and Transport Canada requirements.

Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH of Germany will be responsible for the design and manufacture of the complete landing gears system which includes the main and nose landing gears, the landing gear control and indication system, the alternate release system, the proximity sensing system and the steering control system.

Magnaghi & Salver, Italy, will provide composite inboard/outboard flaps, spoilers and main landing gear doors for the CSeries aircraft. Magnaghi & Salver are part of the Invesco Group.

Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems (MABS) of Akron, Ohio, USA will be responsible for the design, development and manufacture of the wheels, electro-mechanically actuated carbon brakes, and the brake control system for the CSeries aircraft. The systems presented by MABS are designed to provide expanded capabilities when compared to a hydraulic braking system with additional features including: brake wear monitoring, enhanced system redundancy and facilitated aircraft dispatch.

Panasonic Avionics Corporation of Lake Forest, CA, USA, has been selected to supply the Cabin Management and Passenger Address System (CMS). The CMS, with its highly integrated digital architecture, allows control, monitoring and diagnostics of numerous aircraft cabin functions, including temperature and lighting. The CMS also provides a complete embedded digital audio solution offering Passenger Address, Interphone and PRAM (Pre-Recorded Announcements and Music) capabilities to the CSeries aircraft passengers, cabin and flight crew.

Parker Air & Fuel Division of Irvine, California, USA will be responsible for the design and manufacture of the fuel tank inerting system for the CSeries aircraft. The fuel inerting system displaces the oxygen located in the aircraft fuel tank to increase safety.

Senior Aerospace BWT of Manchester, UK will be responsible for the design and manufacturing of the low pressure air distribution systems for the CSeries aircraft cabin and cockpit environmental control systems (ECS). The low pressure ducting system brings fresh air into the aircraft for various purposes such as conditioned air supply, cabin air re-circulation, flight deck instrumentation cooling, avionics ventilation and windshield demisting.

Senior Aerospace SSP of Burbank, California, USA will be responsible for the design and manufacturing of the high pressure (HP) bleed air and ram air ducting systems for the CSeries aircraft. The bleed air HP ducting is conveyed from the engines and the auxiliary power unit (APU) to the environment control system (ECS), the aircraft wing anti-ice system and the fuel tank inerting system. The ram air HP ducting conveys ram air (fresh air from the outside) to the ECS and fuel tank inerting systems.

Sonaca of Gosselies, Belgium will supply the fixed leading edges, slats and tracks for the CSeries aircraft wings.

Spirit AeroSystems of Wichita, Kansas, USA will be responsible for the design, manufacturing and testing of the complete pylons for the CSeries aircraft program. The pylons are major structural components holding the Engines and Nacelle assembly to the wings.

Woodward MPC of Skokie, Illinois, USA will be responsible for the design and production of the throttle quadrant assembly (TQA) which acts as the direct link for the control of the engine thrust and is located in the cockpit suite.

Press release issued by Bombardier Inc. on June 16, 2009


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