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Belite Electronics' new lightwieght instruments

Introducing a new standard in lightweight avionics: simple, affordable, featherweight instruments

Belite Aircraft, which last year introduced the use of revolutionary lightweight carbon fiber structural components into its FAR Part 103 aircraft, continued its trend of surprising announcements at the annual Sun 'N Fun Fly-In & Expo in Lakeland, Florida, by unveiling a line of extremely lightweight, solid state avionics designed especially for affordability, reliability and ease of use.

Avionics can be purchased on our webstore at: http://www.beliteaircraftstore.com/avionics.html. More information can be found at: http://beliteaircraft.com/electronics/

Marketed under Belite Electronics, Patch Flyer instruments are perfect for Experimental and Part 103 aircraft. Instruments available from Belite Electronics are:

· Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)

· Air Speed Indicator (ASI)

· Turn Rate Indicator (TRI)

· Above Ground Level Altimeter (AGL)

· Inclinometer

· Positive G Meter

· Battery Condition Voltmeter

· Voltage MiniMeter

· Cylinder Head/Exhaust Gas Temperature (CHT/EGT) Gauge, and

· Fuel Gauge

Individual Patch Flyer instruments weigh only 1/2 ounce (15 grams), and the panel-mounted full line of instruments, including mounting hardware and connections, weighs less than one pound. They're designed to easily fit into instrument panels of homebuilt aircraft. Installation is straight-forward and many of the instruments are available in small enclosures which can be carried in the pilot's flight bag and used in whatever plane they are flying.

"The more experience we gain, the more potential we've seen for innovation," said James Wiebe, Chief Executive Officer of Belite Aircraft/Electronics. "I've been able to apply my electronics background to my love of aviation. I want precision and reliability when it comes to how much fuel I have left or what turn rate I'm experiencing, but I want to stay simple and practical. These devises are fun and useful and will make flying much more enjoyable, more precise and perhaps even a little safer. They're extremely simple, lightweight and easy to install, so they're ideal for those of us who spend time flying 'around the patch'hence the name," Wiebe explained.

The Patch Flyer VSI provides vertical speed information using a dimmable LED display that can be adjusted for viewing in bright daylight or reduced lighting conditions. Feather light, the base unit, with bezel and electrical connector, weighs only 15 grams (1/2 ounce) and is extremely easy to use; it has no buttons to turn or push. It is calibrated from 0 to +/- 500 feet per minute (fpm) in 50 fpm initial increments and 100 fpm steps thereafter.

The Patch Flyer ASI uses a solid state pressure sensor device which converts pitot air pressure into a visual speed indication. It is specifically calibrated for the slow flight and designed to provide much more precise measurement of "low and slow" airspeeds than nonprecision steam gauges.

The Patch Flyer TRI is a solid state gyro-based turn rate indicator calibrated at 3 degrees per second for a two minute turn and configured so that the LEDs show when that rate is not being met. With 7 LEDs on each side representing neutral, 3 left turn rates and 3 right turn rates, and displaying colors from bright yellow to ultra bright amber, each position depicts a 1.5 per second turn rate and blanks if a turn rate of 4.5 degrees per second is exceeded. This practical device is not only useful for homebuilts and ultralights, the portable version can be utilized as a training aid in certified aircraft, as well, since it alerts student pilots to turn rate errors quickly and obviously when compared to a traditional mechanical gyro instrument. It's also substantially less expensive.

The Patch Flyer AGL Altimeter is a practical and useful device that offers an extremely bright LED display that is calibrated in 100-foot increments from 0 to 1200 feet and measured from the field elevation of the airport (rather than mean sea level) with the simple push of a button. The feather light unit weighs only ½ ounce, including bezel and electrical connector.

The Patch Flyer Inclinometer uses an LED display to simulate and improve upon the classic ball and bubble slip and skid device. An ideal flight instruction aid, it displays a slip or skid brightly and with even more immediacy than a conventional instrument. It's also simple to use with no buttons to push or set.

The Patch Flyer Positive G Head shows how strong the bumps are! A great training aid as well, it provides an exceptional visualization, with 13 LEDs depicting forces up to 4Gs. The precision solid state accelerometer inside exceeds the capabilities of older mechanical units. In addition to panel mount versions, a portable version is also available. This device slowly resets after big bumps and can be reset manually anytime by hitting a button.

The Patch Flyer Battery Condition Voltmeter (BCV) is calibrated in quarter volt steps from 11.0 to 14.5 volts with the highest and lowest levels using ultra bright amber LEDs to provide warning of low and high voltage levels. It provides instant information at a glance. The Patch Flyer Volt MiniMeter is even lighter at 4/10 of an ounce and draws only 3/10 of a milli-amp. It's a general purpose voltmeter that can be permanently attached to an aircraft's electrical system, without fear of draining the battery, to provide an indication of how much voltage is in the system.

The Patch Flyer Fuel Gauge is a fuel gauge that actually works. It uses LEDs to provide a range of 0% to 100% in calibrated steps. It is designed to be used with a capacitive fuel gauge, and may be calibrated for any tank capacity or any tank dimension. All LEDs are bright yellow, except for 20%, 10%, 5% and 0%, which are ultra bright amber. At a feather weight of ½ ounce, this fuel gauge won't break the weight budget either.

The Patch Flyer Cylinder Head / Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge (CHT/EGT) is a high precision device, providing a quick visual indication of engine temperatures using a 24 LED column for each parameter. Unlike other Patch Flyer avionics, this product is a little bigger, at 3.5 x 1.75 inches, and comes with a mounting bezel. The LEDs use color to alert the pilot when things start getting hot; the display LEDs switch from bright yellow to ultra bright amber at high temperatures. It's also well calibrated and built with engineering precision to deliver accurate readings. It doesn't have any switches, so it's easy to use. It's set up for a single cylinder display, but may be used with two cylinders (by installing a DPDT switch and adding a CHT/EGT preamp) or even with four cylinders. Or just add more CHT/EGT displays and make it easy.

Another feature of this product is the separate CHT/EGT preamp. Aircraft mechanics will find it useful because it uniquely converts and amplifies ultralow CHT/EGT probes into usable voltages, precisely calibrated to match the temperature. A temperature of 400 degrees on the CHT probe will appear as 400 millivolts; and a temperature of 1400 degrees on the EGT probe will appear as 1400 millivolts (which is 1.4 volts). This makes analysis of EGT/CHT probes extremely easy. These calibrated probe preamps are available separately and are economically priced.

In only its second year since entering the marketplace, Belite Aircraft has established a reputation for aggressive innovation, having re-branded and extensively redesigned an existing Part 103 design, currently offering three versions in both factory-assembled and kit formthe Belite 254, the Superlite, and the Trike. The two latter versions are on display at Sun 'N Fun in the Light Aircraft display area in Space LP35. Belite also offers a variety of parts and kit packages for sale.

Press release issued by Belite Electronics on April 12, 2010


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