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Test Equipment

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Qualmark is your industry leading manufacturer and partner for accelerated reliability testing, HALT and HASS, for all commercial and defense avionics.

This page draws together highlights and links to all kinds of information related to our sector: Test Equipment

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Top suppliers

These are the suppliers who are linked to most aircraft programs in our database.

Testek Solutions (was Testek, Inc.) (84 aircraft)
Vector Informatik GmbH (32)
Test-Fuchs GmbH (20)
Testek Solutions (was Avtron Aerospace) (14)
TechSAT GmbH (13)
MK Test Systems Ltd (10)
Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies (10)
Spherea Test & Services (9)
Wineman Technology, Inc. (8)
Habco, Inc. (7)
CK Technologies (UK) (6)
Moog (6)
National Technical Systems (NTS) (6)
EMC Partner AG (5)
ONERA Office national d’Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales (3)


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Directory of suppliers

The number after each of these 80 Test Equipment sub-categories shows how many relevant suppliers are in our directory. Click on the sub-category name to see them listed.

Acceleration Test Equipment (11)
Acoustic Test Equipment (22)
Audiometric Equipment (1)
Automated Test Equipment (47)
Borescopes (11)
Cable Test Equipment (15)
Centrifuges (4)
Chemical Analysers (3)
Compression Testers (4)
Corrosion Testing Equipment (10)
Distortion Meters
Doppler Equipment (1)
Elapsed Time Meters
Electric/Electronic Test Equipment (58)
Electrical Bonding Meters (3)
Electrical Meters
Electronic Analysers (7)
Engine Speed Meters (1)
Environmental Test Equipment (23)
Fatigue Test Equipment (19)
Fibre Optic Test Equipment (5)
Field Strength Meters
Flammability Testers (1)
Frequency Meters (3)
Fuel Test Equipment (22)
High Speed Strain Gauges (4)
Hydraulic Test Equipment (38)
Hydrostatic Test Equipment (7)
Imaging Systems (14)
Inspection Test Accelerometers (2)
Laboratory Equipment (16)
Mass Spectrometers
Microwave Testing (3)
Models (5)
Noise Generator Test Equipment (2)
Non-Electrical Test Equipment
Oscilloscopes (3)
Phase Meters (1)
Photographic Test Equipment
Physical Tension Testers (2)
Pneumatic Test Equipment (19)
Power Analysers (6)
Power Factor Meters (1)
Power Modulation Meters (1)
Pressure Testers (9)
Printed Circuit Card Testers
Pyrometers (3)
Radiometers (1)
Recording Tape
Shearography Test Equipment (5)
Signal Generator Test Equipment (16)
Spectrophotometers (1)
Spectrum Analysers (8)
Stress Analysis Equipment (16)
Stroboscopes (2)
Temperature Test Equipment (23)
Test Benches (37)
Test Cells (20)
Test Chambers (18)
Test Equipment (223)
Test Probes (12)
Test Sets (15)
Test Stands (39)
Thermometers (3)
Thrust Meters (1)
Time Code Generators (4)
Time Totalizing Meters
Timers/Timing Systems (5)
Tuning Forks
Velocity Meters (2)
Vibration Analysers (25)
Vibration Analysis (18)
Vibrators (8)
Watt Meters
Wind Tunnels (23)

Latest press releases

Issued by Test Equipment sector companies.

15/10/2019:  Avtron Aerospace and Testek, LLC become Testek Solutions
03/09/2019:  WAVE - a new generation of ultrasonic testing flaw detector is taking-off at Sonatest
27/08/2019:  Miniature DAQ unlocks new measurement possibilities
26/08/2019:  Capacitec launches new responsive website
08/08/2019:  Abaco extends family of avionics devices for test and simulation, and development featuring Thunderbolt 3 interface
06/08/2019:  Rohde & Schwarz software defined airborne radios to equip German Navy NH90 helicopters
01/08/2019:  Rohde & Schwarz drives safety and security in Urban Air Mobility with partners from the UAM Ingolstadt Network
22/07/2019:  MDS and Rolls-Royce reach major milestone in the design & construction of the largest indoor aviation test facility in the world
09/07/2019:  Rohde & Schwarz and Marvin Test Solutions create a turnkey production tester for 5G beamforming ICs
19/06/2019:  Moving towards a solution full of benefits

See the full news archive for the Test Equipment sector.


Archived journal reports

These journal reports feature companies active in the Test Equipment sector.

13/06/2008:  Indian and Swiss firms chosen to build German aircraft
07/03/2008:  Investors key in plans for Symphony restart
04/02/2008:  Rapid prototyping specialist expands into Australia
  Collaboration supplies the key to unlocking next generation expertise
13/11/2007:  PiperJet finalises a cost-effective single engine design to give pilots a 'multi-engine safety feeling'


Supply chain

Suppliers to Test Equipment companies: Electrical/Electronic Connectors (102) Passive Electronic Components (77) Sensors, Transducers & Detectors (239) Electrical Components (286) Active Electronic Components (169) Batteries & Accessories (56) Inspection Equipment (153) Measurement (136) Computer-Aided Testing (86) Non-Destructive Testing (222) Mechanical Connectors (84) Actuation (168) Switches (78) Valves (121) Test Services (361) Composites (428) Metals (312) Plastics (112) Chemicals (60) Fibre Optics (49) Fasteners (257) Tools (212) Adhesives (102) Non-Mechanical Components (286) Bearings (88) Mechanical Components (497) Coatings (199) Computer Integrated Manufacturing (195) Production Equipment (312) Tooling (220) Non-metal Materials (121) Machining (564) Production Control (75) Lubricants (63) Manufacturing Services (303) Security (3) Technical Consultants (236) Marketing (71) Professional Services (260) Facilities Services (14) Buildings (3) Trade Organisations (54) Personnel & Training (153)
Test Equipment
Customers of Test Equipment companies: Airframer (674) Aircraft Operations (83) Auxiliary Power (40) Structural Components (634) Airframe Assemblies (333) Engines (159) Electrical Power Systems (272) Fuel Systems (152) Landing Assemblies (181) Computer-Aided Testing (86) Non-Destructive Testing (222) Test Services (361) Landing Guidance Systems (20) Fluid Power (131) Rotors & Propellers (99) Flight and Data Management (271) Warning Systems (53) Communications (Airborne) (208) Navigation Aids (Airborne) (109) Power Transmission (115) Batteries & Accessories (56) Weapons Systems (122) Oxygen Systems & Equipment (48) Environmental Systems (164) Computer Integrated Manufacturing (195) Cargo Systems (53)


Enhanced listings:

Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies
Airmo manufactures systems and tools for hydrostatic testing, end forming, tube expansion, and high-pressure accessories to 60,000psi (4,137bar).

W.L. Gore & Associates
High performance sealants, surface protection materials, microwave/RF assemblies, high speed data connections, and aircraft connectivity solutions.

AC Products, Inc.
Full line of peelable maskants for chemical milling, etching, anodizing, acid stripping, plating and more.

Interface Force Measurements Ltd
Accurate & reliable torque, force & pressure sensors, pressure mapping systems & calibration systems.

Alarin Aircraft Hinge, Inc.
A full-service manufacturer and supplier of high-quality engineered metal hinges for the worldwide aerospace industry.

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