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Bombardier CRJ700/900/1000/550 series


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Twin turbofan regional airliner. Includes CRJ700, 900, 1000 and 550 variants.

Lift typeFixed wingSearch for other aircraft programs with these properties on the Aircraft Programs directory page.
Construction typeFactory-built
Control typePiloted
Engine typeTurbofan
ApplicationPassenger medium, Passenger large

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Supply chain

  (136 links)
Design Design (1)
Materials Chemicals (1) Composites (5) Metals (2) Non-metal Materials (1) Plastics (1)
Components Actuation (3) Electrical Components (1) Electrical/Electronic Connectors (1) Fasteners (3) Lighting (2) Mechanical Components (11) Sensors, Transducers & Detectors (5) Structural Components (5) Switches (1) Valves (3) Windows & Glass (1)
Airframe Systems Airframe Assemblies (14) Cabin Interiors (4) Crew Seating (2) Environmental Systems (8) Fluid Power (5) Landing Assemblies (5) Oxygen Systems & Equipment (1) Safety & Security Systems (3)
Avionics Avionic Components (1) Communications (Airborne) (1) Flight and Data Management (3)
Power Systems Auxiliary Power (1) Batteries & Accessories (1) Electrical Power Systems (4) Engine Components (8) Engines (1) Fuel Systems (3) Power Transmission (1)
Production Handling Equipment (3) Measurement (1) Production Equipment (1) Surface Treatment (1) Tooling (1) Tools (1)
Testing Test Equipment (2)
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Design / Design

PDS Engineering Analysis Design Services: Computer aided tool design engineering

Materials / Chemicals

Materials / Composites

Avcorp Composite Fabrication Analysis Subcontracted Composite Parts: Bonded or mechanically fastened composite/metallic assemblies
Hexcel Composites Analysis Carbon-reinforced Composites: Carbon fibers, structural adhesives, honeycombs, prepregs, sandwich panels and reinforcement fabrics
Kanfit Ltd Analysis Composite Structures: Composite structural parts & assemblies
Magnolia Advanced Materials, Inc. Analysis Syntactic Composites: Adhesives, coatings and syntactics
The Gill Corporation Analysis Composite Sandwich Panels: Composite sandwich panels & cargo liners

Materials / Metals

Alcoa Corporation Analysis Titanium:
Kanfit Ltd Analysis Metal & Alloy Fabrications: Sheet metal parts

Materials / Non-metal Materials

Lamart Corporation Analysis Laminates: APK covering films for thermal/acoustic insulation

Materials / Plastics

Pexco Aerospace - Yakima Analysis Plastic Extrusions & Sheets: Thermoplastic profile extrusions

Components / Actuation

Collins Aerospace, Mechanical Systems - Actuation Analysis Electromechanical Actuators: Primary & secondary flight control actuation components; thrust reverser actuation systems; utility actuation
Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH Analysis Mechanical Actuators: Command-by-wire rudder control system for the CRJ1000
Safran Electronics & Defense Analysis Digital Actuators: Flight control actuators

Components / Electrical Components

Safran Electrical & Power Villemur Analysis Wire Harnesses: Electrical wiring systems

Components / Electrical/Electronic Connectors

HiRel Connectors, Inc. Analysis Electrical & Electronic Connectors: Connectors, removal crimp and hermetic solder contacts

Components / Fasteners

Ateliers De La Hte. Garonne Analysis Solid Rivets: Aeronautical rivets
Avibank Mfg. Inc. Analysis Fasteners: Fasteners
Ho-Ho-Kus, Inc. Analysis Fasteners: Clamps and fasteners, nuts, bolts & screws

Components / Lighting

Collins Aerospace, Interiors, Lighting Systems Analysis Aircraft Interior Lighting Systems: Instrument panel lights, cockpit dome light, map light, LED stairway light, service light, cargo compartment light, illuminated exit signs, emergency dome light. ; Aircraft Exterior Lighting Systems: Wing tip lenses, wing & tail strobe lights, primary & secondary navigation lights, tail position lights, logo lights, wing inspection lights, HID landing/taxi lights, nose gear landing lights, overwing emergency lights, cargo loading lights, associated power supplies, light covers, DC/Dc converters, cables & control units.
Safran Cabin (was Zodiac Cabin Interiors) Analysis Cabin Lighting:

Components / Mechanical Components

Aerofit, Inc. Analysis Fluid Fittings: Fluid fittings and fitting systems
Bell-Memphis, Inc. Analysis Turnbuckles: Control cable turnbuckles
Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems Analysis Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment: Primary in-flight ice detection sensors, pitot/pito-static probes, total air temperature sensors
Donaldson Co. Inc. Aerospace & Defense Analysis Filtration Equipment: Electronic equipment & avionics filtration
ECE Analysis Windshield Wipers: Windshield wiper system
Icon Aerospace Technology (was Icon Polymer Group) Analysis Rubber & Silicone Seals: Custom aerodynamic & fireproof seals (CRJ900)
Loos & Co. Inc. Analysis Wire Assemblies: Wire rope & cable
Porvair Filtration Group Ltd Analysis Filtration Equipment: Filters and filtration systems in hydraulic, fuel, lubrication and air systems.
RO-RA Aviation Systems GmbH Analysis Mechanical Fittings: Bin latch (CRJ900)
Safran Ventilation Systems (was Technofan) Analysis Fans:
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics MG Silikon Analysis Rubber & Silicone Seals: Silicon moulded, reinforced & extruded parts

Components / Sensors, Transducers & Detectors

Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Power Solutions Analysis Proximity Sensors: Proximity sensors; position indication & control systems for landing gear, doors & flaps
FCI Aerospace Analysis Temperature Detectors:
Hypernetics Ltd. Analysis Transducers: Wheel speed transducers
Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. Analysis Transducers: Pressure transducers
RdF Corp. Analysis Temperature Detectors: Temperature sensors

Components / Structural Components

Asco Industries N.V Analysis Flap/Slat Mechanisms: Leading edge high lift mechanisms
BAZ Airborne Components & Assemblies Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Structural parts and assemblies for tailcone made from titanium
California Drop Forge, Inc. Analysis Metal & Alloy Forgings: Closed die forgings for landing gear
Figeac-Aero Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Door counterbalance
Otto Fuchs KG Analysis Metal & Alloy Forgings: Forgings ; Metal & Alloy Extrusions: Extrusions

Components / Switches

Custom Control Sensors, LLC Analysis Mechanical Switches: Dual-Snap switches

Components / Windows & Glass

PPG Transparencies Analysis Windows: Passenger cabin & emergency exit windows; Windows: Flight deck windows

Airframe Systems / Airframe Assemblies

AERnnova Analysis Empennages: Vertical & horizontal stabilizers & elevators
Aernnova Aerospace Mexico Analysis Empennages: Horizontal and vertical stabilizers
Avcorp Industries Inc. Analysis Aircraft Control Surfaces: Vertical & horizontal stabilizers (CRJ700); Aircraft Flooring: Floor panels
Avior Integrated Products Inc. Analysis | News Fairings: Bullet fairing (CRJ700)
Bombardier Belfast Analysis | News Fuselage Sections: Forward & centre fuselage (CRJ700 NextGen); complete centre fuselage (CRJ900 NextGen); complete centre fuselage (CRJ1000 NextGen); Wings: Composite wing components
Comtek Advanced Structures Ltd. Analysis Aircraft Flooring: Floor panels
Ducommun AeroStructures Analysis | News Fuselage Sections: Aft fuselage panel assemblies
GKN Aerospace Analysis Empennages: Titanium/composite tailcone
Latecoere Analysis Aircraft Doors: Bulk cargo door
Mason Controls Analysis Aircraft & Helicopter Controllers: Pilot & co-pilot control wheels; Aircraft & Helicopter Controllers: Pilot & co-pilot control wheels
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Analysis | News Fuselage Sections: Aft fuselage
PCC Klune Industries Analysis Aircraft Doors: Monolithic machined aircraft doors
RUAG Aerostructures - Aviation Analysis | News Fuselage Sections: Rear fuselages
Sonaca SA Analysis Wings: Wing skin panels & front spars

Airframe Systems / Cabin Interiors

Avianor Inc. Analysis Seat Covers: Leather seat covers
Collins Aerospace, Interiors Division Analysis Passenger Seating: Coach & first class seating; Galley Inserts:
Safran Aerosystems (Monogram) Analysis Lavatory Equipment: Toilets
Safran Cabin (was Zodiac Cabin Interiors) Analysis Storage Bins: Overhead bins; Passenger Service Units (PSUs): Passenger service units; Aircraft Interiors: Sidewalls, door liners, dado panels, ceiling panels, baggage compartment lining, closets, class dividers, 9G bulkheads, cockpit doors.; Lavatory Equipment: Lavatories; Galleys:

Airframe Systems / Crew Seating

Collins Aerospace, Interiors Analysis Pilot Seats: Cockpit seating
Safran Cabin (was Zodiac Cabin Interiors) Analysis Crew Seating: Attendant & observer seats

Airframe Systems / Environmental Systems

CEF Industries Inc. Analysis Water Systems: Potable water system compressor
Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems Analysis Water Heaters: Water line heaters, heated drain masts, potable water systems
Cox & Company, Inc. Analysis Air Heaters: Electrical air heaters
General Ecology Inc. Analysis Water Purification Systems: Versa Pure AC-2 drinking water microfiltration system
Johns Manville, Inc. Analysis Thermal Insulation: Micro-fibre insulation
Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS Analysis Air Conditioning Equipment: Air management system, including; bleed air system, cabin pressure control system, air conditioning system
Safran Cabin (was Zodiac Cabin Interiors) Analysis Airborne Waste Removal Systems: Waste system
Sofrance Analysis Air Filters: Cabin air filters

Airframe Systems / Fluid Power

AeroControlex Group Analysis Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Hydraulic landing gear components; hydraulic systems components
GE Aviation (Mechanical Systems LA) Analysis Hydraulic Fuses:
Lee Products Ltd. Analysis Hydraulic Equipment: Fluid control components
PTI Technologies Inc. Analysis Hydraulic Filters: Filtration systems
Triumph Integrated Systems - Fluid Power & Actuation - Yakima Analysis Hydraulic Fuses:

Airframe Systems / Landing Assemblies

Collins Aerospace, Landing Gear Analysis Aircraft Landing Gear: Integrated landing gear system
Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ltd. Analysis Tyres:
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Analysis Tyres:
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Analysis | News Carbon Brakes: NuCarb carbon brakes (CRJ1000 NextGen)
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Corporation Analysis Aircraft Wheels: Main & nose wheels; Steel Brakes: Steel brakes; brake control system

Airframe Systems / Oxygen Systems & Equipment

Safran Aerosystems - Oxygen Systems Analysis Oxygen Generation Systems: Chemical and gaseous oxygen supply equipment, passenger and crew masks

Airframe Systems / Safety & Security Systems

BaseWest Analysis Emergency Lighting Systems: Escape slide lighting systems and applicable test equipment, battery packs and wiring harnesses (CRJ900)
Safran Aerosystems - Wall Township (Air Cruisers) Analysis Slides: Evacuation slides
Safran Cabin (was Zodiac Cabin Interiors) Analysis Emergency Lighting Systems: Emergency lighting

Avionics / Avionic Components

Hollingsead International (Aloft) Analysis Avionics Racks: Avionics racks/trays

Avionics / Communications (Airborne)

AvtechTyee (Tyee Aircraft and Avtech Corp) Analysis Onboard Intercom Systems: Flight deck digital control audio system; passenger address & cabin interphone system

Avionics / Flight and Data Management

Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division Analysis | News Avionics Management Systems: Pro Line 4 integrated avionics system; Flight Management Systems: FMS-4200 flight management system
Safran Electronics & Defense Analysis Cockpit Control Systems: Motor control unit, stick shaker
Thales Avionics S.A. Analysis Automatic Flight Control Systems: Secondary flight control system; stall protection system; integrated electronic standby system

Power Systems / Auxiliary Power

Honeywell Aerospace Analysis Auxiliary Power Units: Tail-mounted APU

Power Systems / Batteries & Accessories

Securaplane Technologies, Inc. Analysis Battery Chargers/Analysers: BC-1301, 1304 and 1306 battery chargers for Ni-cd & sealed lead acid batteries

Power Systems / Electrical Power Systems

ECE Analysis Power Distribution Equipment: Power electrical distribution boxes; power contactors
Judd Wire Inc. Analysis Electrical Wire & Cable: Insulated wire & cable
KGS Electronics Inc. Analysis Power Conversion Equipment: DC converters; static inverters
Thales Avionics Electrical Systems Analysis Generating Systems: Electrical power generation system

Power Systems / Engine Components

BAE Systems Platform Solutions Analysis Engine Controls: Electronic engine controls
Bombardier Belfast Analysis | News Nacelles: CRJ 700 NextGen, CRJ900 NextGen, CRJ1000 NextGen
Collins Aerospace, Engine Components Analysis Turbine Engine Blades: Turbine airfoils
Groupe Lauak Analysis Engine Heat Exchangers: Dual exchanger for the CRJ700
IHI Corporation HQ Analysis Engine Parts: Components for CF34 engine
Magellan Aerospace Corp. Analysis Engine Parts: Engine fan frames for CF34 engine
Spincraft, division of Standex Intl Analysis Nacelles: Nacelle lipskins
Turbocam Inc. Analysis Compressors: Pre-flight engine compressor stages 1 & 2

Power Systems / Engines

GE Aircraft Engines Analysis | News Turbofan Engines: CF34-8 engines (CF34-8C5B1 for CRJ700 LR version)

Power Systems / Fuel Systems

Eaton Fuel Systems Division Analysis Fuel Pumps: Main engine fuel pumps
Intertechnique Analysis Fuel Tanks & Systems: Fuel system
Woodward Aircraft Turbine Systems Analysis Fuel Meters: Fuel metering unit; fuel nozzle

Power Systems / Power Transmission

BMT Aerospace International Analysis Gears & Assemblies: Rack & pinion gears for slat-slat/track mechanism

Production / Handling Equipment

Advanced Ground Systems Engineering Corp Analysis Lifting Equipment: Jet engine transportation stands
Aernnova Aerospace Mexico Analysis Elevators:
AVT Europe NV Analysis Lifting Equipment: Low-profile aircraft transporter

Production / Measurement

Kahn Industries Inc./Kahn & Co Analysis Dynamometers: Hydraulic dynamometer for APU test

Production / Production Equipment

Laselec SA Analysis Marking Equipment: Cable & wire laser marking equipment

Production / Surface Treatment

Production / Tooling

MTorres Disenos Industriales S.A. Analysis Tooling: Flexible tooling systems

Testing / Test Equipment

Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies Analysis Hydrostatic Test Equipment:
Testek Solutions - Independence (formerly Avtron and Testek) Analysis Test Equipment: Test equipment for electrical, hydraulic & fuel systems
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