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Pratt & Whitney Canada (Canada)
Contact details
Address 1000 Marie-Victorin Boulevard, Longueuil, QC J4G 1A1, Canada
Telephone +1 450 677 9411
Facsimile +1 450 647 9565
Email customerhelpdesk@pwc.ca
Web www.pwc.ca
Association memberships AIAC , Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Parent company Pratt & Whitney Large Commercial Engines
Preferred supplier
EADS PZL "Warszawa-Okecie" SA , Bombardier Aerospace (BASE Supplier Award 2012)
Preferred suppliers ATECH Turbine Components Inc (Preferred Supplier)
Client aircraft programs
Aermacchi M-345   Analysis Turbofan Engines: JT15D-5C engine
AeroNimbus NMX   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW615F engines
Aeros ML   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A engines
AgustaWestland AW109   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW206C engines; PW207C (Trekker)
AgustaWestland AW119 Koala   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PT6B-37A engines
AgustaWestland AW139   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PT6C-67C engines
AgustaWestland AW169   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW210 engines
AgustaWestland AW609   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PT6C-67A
Air Tractor AT-402B   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-15AG engine
Air Tractor AT-502   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-15AG, PT6A-27/-28, or PT6A-34AG engine. PT6A-140AG for the 502XP
Air Tractor AT-602   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-60AG or PT6A-65AG engine
Air Tractor AT-802   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-65AG engine, PT6A-67AG (AT-802F) or PT6A-67F
Airbus A380   Analysis Auxiliary Power Units: PW980A APU
Airbus Helicopters H135   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW206B2 engines (EC635 & EC135 P2i), PW206B3 engines (EC135 P3)
Airbus Helicopters H160   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW210 engine
Airbus Helicopters H175   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PT6C-67E engines
Airbus Military C-295   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW127G engines
Antonov An-132   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW150A
ATR 42/72   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW127 engines
Auriga Aerocat   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-6A engine
Beechcraft King Air 250   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-52 engines. Blackhawk Engine upgrade uses PT6A-61.
Beechcraft King Air 350   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-60A engines
Beechcraft King Air 90   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-135A engines
Beechcraft T-6   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-68 engines
Bell 412EP   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PT6T engines; PT6T-9 Twin Pac engines (412EPI)
Bell 429 GlobalRanger   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW207D engines
Bell Eagle Eye TR916   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW200/55 engine
Beriev Be-112   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-67R engine
Boeing 747   Analysis Auxiliary Power Units: PW901A auxiliary power unit
Boeing A160 Hummingbird   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW207D engines
Bombardier 415   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW123AF engine
Bombardier Dash 8 Q Series   Analysis Turboprop Engines: P150A engines (Q400)
Cessna 208 Caravan   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-114A engines; PT6A-140 engines (Grand Caravan EX)
Cessna Citation Latitude   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW306D engines
Cessna Citation Mustang   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW615F engines
Cessna Citation Sovereign   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW306C engines; PW306D engines (Sovereign+)
Cessna Citation XLS+   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW545B engines (XLS), PW545C (XLS+)
Changhe Z-8   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PT6B-67A engine (Z-8F, AC313 variants)
CHRDI Z-10   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PT6C-67C engines
Daher-Socata TBM 900   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-66D engine
Dassault 2000 series   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW308C engines
Dassault 7X   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW307A engines
Dassault 8X   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW307D engines
Dornier Seawings Seastar   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A engines
EADS PZL 130 TC-II Orlik   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6-A25C engine
Eclipse 550   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW610F engines
Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-68/3 engines
Embraer Phenom   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW617F engines for Phenom 100; PW535E engines for Phenom 300
Epic E1000   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-67 engine; PT6A-67A engine (E1000)
Equator   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6 engines
Evektor EV-55 Outback   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A21 engines
Explorer 500T   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6-135B engine
Explorer 750T   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6-60A engine
Four Winds FX-210/FX-250T   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-20 engine
Freight Feeder FF-5500   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW150 engine
General Atomics Predator C Avenger   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW545B engine
Grob G 520 Egrett   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-67A
Gulfstream G500   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW814GA engines
Gulfstream G600   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW815GA engines
Harbin Y-12   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-27, PT6A-135A or PT6A-65B (Y-12F) engines
Helio Stallion   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-34 engine
Ilyushin IL-114   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW127H engine (114-100)
Indonesian Aerospace N-219   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-42 engines
KAI KT-1 Woong Bee   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-62 engine
Kazan Ansat   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW207K engines
Kestrel Aircraft Company Kestrel 350   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-67B engine
Khrunichev T-207   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-65 engine
Lancair Evolution   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-135A engine
Learjet 60 XR   Analysis Turbofan Engines: PW305A engines
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II   Analysis Engine Parts: 5th stage High Pressure Compressor Integrally Bladed Rotor for F135 engine
Maverick SoloJet   Analysis Turbofan Engines: JT15-5 engine
MD 900 Explorer   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW207E engines
MIL Mi-38   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW127TS turboshaft engine (with Helicopters of Russia & UMPO)
NAL Saras   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-67A engine
Ohio Dynalifter   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW127 engines (PSC-2 version)
Pacific Aerospace P-750 XSTOL   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6-34 engine
Paramount AHRLAC   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6-66B engnes
Piaggio P.180 Avanti II   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-66B engine
Pilatus PC-12   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-67B engine; PT6A-67P for PC-12 NG
Pilatus PC-21   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-68B engines
Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-27 engines
Pilatus PC-7 MKII   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-25C engine
Pilatus PC-9 M   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-62 engine
Piper M500/600   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-42A engine
PZL Mielec M18B Dromader   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-45A/B/R or PT6A-65R/AG/AR engines (Turbine Dromader)
PZL Mielec M28 Skytruck/Bryza   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-65B engine
Quest Kodiak   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-34 engine
Reims F406 Caravan   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-112 engines (MkI); PT6A-135A engines (MkII)
Shaanxi Y-8   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW150B engine (Y-8 F600)
Shijiazhuang LE-800 Little Eagle   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A engine
Sikorsky S-76   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW210 engines; PW210S engines (S-76D)
Skytruck SC-100   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW123E engines
Socata TBM700/850   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-64 engines
Sreya Envoy   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6 engine (option)
Stavatti SM-27/47 Machete   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW127G (SM-27S/T)
Thrush 510   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-34G engine
Thrush 660   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-67AG or PT6A-60AG/65AG engine
TRJet TRJ328   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW127, new version for the TRP328; Turbofan Engines: PW306B for the TRJ328
UrbanAero X-Hawk   Analysis Turboshaft Engines: PW207 engine (X-Hawk A), PW210 (X-Hawk B)
Viking Twin Otter Series 400   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PT6A-34/35 engines, or PT6A-27 on the 400S
XAC MA600 Modern Ark   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW127 engines
XAC MA700   Analysis Turboprop Engines: PW150C engine
Auxiliary Power, Engine Components, Engines
Manufactured product categories
Auxiliary Power Units, Compressors, Engine Parts, Turbofan Engines, Turboprop Engines, Turboshaft Engines
Sales agent categories
Auxiliary Power Units, Compressors, Turbofan Engines, Turboprop Engines, Turboshaft Engines
Company press releases
P&WC to provide turbofan and turboprop engines for revitalized 328 aircraft program  July 12, 2016
P&WC and Antonov sign MOU for development of AN-132 program powered by a new version of PW150A engines  July 12, 2016
Grob Aircraft selects iconic PT6A engine  July 11, 2016
Next generation PW800 delivering on promises with frequent flights  May 23, 2016
Next generation PW307D engine receives EASA approval  May 23, 2016
P&WC completes NGRT compressor testing and ready for launch  May 11, 2016
Introducing Pratt & Whitney Canada's new PT6A-140AG turboprop Powering Air Tractor's New AT-502XP aircraft  December 8, 2015
P&WC to power Antonov An-132 with PW150A engines  August 17, 2015
Successful Gulfstream G500 first flight: a new milestone for PurePower PW800 engines  May 19, 2015
Pratt & Whitney Canada's new PW307D engine granted type certification  May 18, 2015

See the full news archive for Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Other relevant press releases
TRJet to team with Pratt & Whitney Canada on new, improved PW306B engines  October 14, 2015
Airbus Helicopters selects X4 engine  February 18, 2015
Magellan Aerospace signs $250M agreement with Pratt & Whitney Canada  January 6, 2015
FACC starts series production of bypass ducts for PW800 engines  December 10, 2014
ITP participates in Pratt & Whitney Canada's Next Generation PurePower PW800 engines  October 15, 2014
NORDAM announces agreement with Pratt & Whitney Canada to support new generation of Gulfstream aircraft  October 15, 2014
MTU Aero Engines sees considerable growth potential with PurePower PW800 engines  October 14, 2014
Gulfstream introduces new aircraft family  October 14, 2014
Citation Sovereign+ business jet receives EASA certification  June 10, 2014
Dassault announces ultra long range Falcon 8X  May 19, 2014
Articles from Airframer journal
Production rates and workload increase at Cessna March 7, 2008
Virtual improvements promised for next generation SMS June 8, 2007
VLJ production begins at plant in Canada April 11, 2006

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