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Continental Motors Inc. (U.S.A.)
Contact details
Address 2039 Broad Street, Mobile, AL 36615, U.S.A.
Telephone +1 251 438 3411
Facsimile +1 251 432 7352
Email cmcustomersvc@continentalmotors.aero
Web www.continentalmotors.aero
Subsidiaries AVIC International Holding Corporation (Bought 2010) , Technify Motors GmbH
Preferred supplier
Flight Design USA
Aircraft currently in production/development
Reims F406 Caravan Low wing twin turboprop utility aircraft.
Client aircraft programs
A2 Ellipse Spirit   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
Aeros 40D Sky Dragon   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-240B engine
AMD/Zenith Zodiac XL CH 601   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
American Champion 7EC Champ   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
American Legend Cub   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
ATI RT-700   Analysis Piston Engines: TSIOL-550 liquid-cooled piston engines
Aviatech Super Cyclone   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-520 engine
Bearhawk   Analysis Piston Engines: O-470 or O-520 engines
Bearhawk LSA   Analysis Piston Engines: C85-8 engine
Beechcraft Baron G58   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-550-C Special Edition engine
Beechcraft Bonanza G36   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-550-B engine
Beriev Be-101   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-550-N engine
Beriev Be-103   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-360-ES4 engine
Cessna 172 Skyhawk   Analysis Piston Diesel Engines: CD-155 diesel engine
Cessna T240 TTx   Analysis Piston Engines: TSIO-550-C turbocharged engine
Cirrus SR20   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-360-ES engine
Cirrus SR22   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-550-N engine
Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie   Analysis Piston Engines: Twin-turbo TSIOF-550D2B engine
CTRM Eagle 150B   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-240B engine
CubCrafters Sport Cub S2   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
Diamond DA20 C1   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-240-B17 engine
Diamond DA50 SuperStar   Analysis Piston Engines: TSIOF-550J engine
Discovery XL-2   Analysis Piston Engines: IOF-240-B engine
Fisher Celebrity   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
Fisher Dakota Hawk   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
Fisher Horizon 1   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
Fisher Horizon 2   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
Flight Design C4   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-360-AF engine
Ilyushin IL-103   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-360-ES2B engine
IndUS T211 Thorpedo   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
Irkut A-002   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-320 engine
Issoire APM series   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-240-F engine (APM-40)
Just Highlander/SuperSTOL   Analysis Piston Engines: Titan OX-340 engine on the SuperSTOL XL (option)
KAI KC-100 Naraon   Analysis Piston Engines: TSIOF-550 engine with FADEC
Kitfox Super Sport   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 or IO-240B engine
Lancair ES   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-550 or IO360ES engine
Lancair IV   Analysis Piston Engines: TSIO-550 engine
Lancair Legacy   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-550-N engine
Mooney M10   Analysis Piston Diesel Engines: CD-135 on the M10T, and CD-155 on the M10J
Mooney M20 TN Acclaim   Analysis Piston Engines: TSIO-550-G engine
Mooney M20R Ovation series   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-550-G engine (Ovation 2), IO-550-G-AP (Ovation 3)
Piper PA-34-220T Seneca V   Analysis Piston Engines: TSIO-360-RB or L/TSIO-360-RB engine
Pulsar Super Cruiser   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-360 engine
Pulsar Super Pulsar 100   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-240 engine
RANS S-20 Raven   Analysis Piston Engines: Titan O-340 engine (option)
RANS S-21 Outbound   Analysis Piston Engines: Titan O-340 engine
Seawind 300C   Analysis Piston Engines: IO 550-N engine with optional FADEC
Serenity Spacewalker 2   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
Shanghai Vantage CA-80   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-240-B engine
Storm Century   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine (option)
Storm Rally   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine (option)
Tapanee Pegazair 80/100   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine for model 100; Piston Engines: O-200 engine
Taylorcraft F22   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200-A engine (F22 Sport)
Team Rocket F1   Analysis Piston Engines: 550 engine (F1 Evo)
Velocity   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-550 or TSIO-550 engine (Velocity XL)
Warner Sportster   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 A enigne (LSA version)
WDL 1B   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-360 engine
Wolfsberg Letov Corvus 1F   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-550-N8B engine
Yakovlev Yak-112   Analysis Piston Engines: IO-550 engine
Zenith STOL CH 750 Cruzer   Analysis Piston Engines: O-200 engine
Engine Components, Engines
Manufactured product categories
Engine Parts, Piston Diesel Engines, Piston Engines
Sales agent categories
Engine Parts, Piston Engines
Company press releases
Continental Motors to purchase assets from Danbury Aerospace  May 4, 2015
International diesel certifications for Continental  April 17, 2015
Continental Diesel: Over 4.5 million flight hours  April 14, 2015
Continental Motors' IO-360-AF alternative fuel engine receives FAA type certification  February 25, 2015
New Mooney M10 unveiled at Zhuhai Airshow – diesel equipped models  November 12, 2014
Continental to partner with ASI for F406  March 26, 2014
Teledyne Technologies agrees to sell Teledyne Continental Motors to AVIC International  December 14, 2010

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Other relevant press releases
Flight Design team visits Continental Motors  November 10, 2014
Cessna product launch reinforces commitment to diesel fuel  July 28, 2014
Centurion production back on track  August 16, 2013
Flight Design announces powerplant for C4  October 3, 2011
Korea Aerospace Industries selects Hartzell's ASC-II advanced-composite propeller for new KC-100 4-place aircraft  May 14, 2010
American Legend introduces the Classic J3 certified S-LSA  April 13, 2010
Hawker Beechcraft celebrates Baron 50th anniversary with special limited edition model  November 6, 2009
First production Cessna Skycatcher flies at Shenyang factory  September 18, 2009
Cessna SkyCatcher completes ASTM compliance, clearing the way for deliveries  July 27, 2009
Hawker Beechcraft marks industry-first test flight on sustainable fuel  April 22, 2009

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