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Boeing 737

This page lists recent changes to Airframer's data relating to this aircraft program.

09/08/2022CFM International Inc. (link to Engines: CFM56-7B18 or CFM56-7B22 (737-600), CFM56-7B26 or CFM56-7B27 (737-900))
18/07/2022Triumph Integrated Systems - Mechanical Solutions - Shelbyville (linked to Non-Mechanical Components)
18/07/2022Triumph receives contract from Boeing for wire control cables (press release)
15/07/2022Pratt & Whitney Large Commercial Engines (link to Engines: JT8D for 737-100/200)
07/07/2022TCI Turkish Cabin Interior Inc (linked to Cabin Interiors)
06/07/2022SpeQtrum Aerospace (linked to Airframe Assemblies: Cargo door surround structures)
30/06/2022Mecadaq Group (linked to Airframe Assemblies)
30/06/2022Mecadaq Group (linked to Engine Components)
27/06/2022Ancra International - Aircraft Division (linked to Cargo Systems)
23/06/2022Asahi Kinzoky Kogyo Inc (linked to Mechanical Components)
22/06/2022Boeing harnesses 777 for latest ecoDemonstrator testing (news)
08/06/2022OMADA International (linked to Auxiliary Power: APU inlet fittings)
08/06/2022OMADA International (linked to Mechanical Components: CFM LEAP 1B engine exhaust ducts and manifolds)
08/06/2022OMADA International (linked to Engine Components: CFM LEAP 1B engine thrust reverser components)
08/06/2022OMADA International (linked to Airframe Assemblies: Intercostals)
20/05/2022Wipro Givon Ltd (was H.R. Givon) (linked to Structural Components)
11/04/2022VINCORION earns spot in Boeing Premier Bidder Program (press release)
16/03/2022Safran Electrical & Power Denton (linked to Electrical Components)
15/03/2022Safran and Boeing Commercial Airplanes sign the renewal of their electrical wiring contracts (press release)
22/02/2022Kineco Kaman Composites India celebrates BAE Systems delivery milestone (press release)

Information on this page is compiled from a variety of sources, and links do not necessarily imply recommendation or confirmation by the airframe manufacturer.