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Directory of Suppliers


Explore the aerospace supply chain

This uniquely powerful resource provides a searchable database of companies involved in all tiers and sectors of the aerospace supply chain, grouped by product or service category. You can search by an area of industry, country, company name or by a combination of these.

Our structure consists of three levels, with broad industry segments broken down into sectors, which in turn contain detailed categories of products or services. This detailed tree structure can be explored through the drop-down lists in the search facility above. Simply select an option at the top level, and refine your search by choosing a more detailed option at each level.

Alternatively, leave the industry section open, and search the whole industry by country, or for a particular company name.

At each level, the Overview tab will show summary information including a description of the industry area chosen, and the Results tab will provide a list of supplier companies which are linked to your chosen option(s). Subscribers will be able to view the complete set of search results, in one convenient scrollable list.

If you are not sure how to find your category, or which category to choose, use the site search option (in the navigation bar at the top of every page) for a word or phrase, and the results will include a list of categories containing your search word.

The Hartzell Odyssey propeller is available as an STC option on new Cirrus SR22 and SR22T. (Photo: Hartzell)

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