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Safran Electronics & Defense (UAV)

Contact Details

AddressLe Ponant de Paris, 27, rue Leblanc, F-75512 Paris Cedex 15, France
Telephone+33 1 58 11 78 00

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Aircraft currently in production/development

Safran Patroller Long endurance RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System). Based on the ECARYS (part of Stemme) ES15.
Sagem Sperwer Military UAV. Includes Sperwer B long range variant.

News and press releases

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Parent company Safran Group - France
Subsidiaries Fadec International, LLC - U.S.A.
Robonic Ltd Oy - Finland

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Stock exchange listings

XLON - London Stock ExchangeSafran SA - 0IU8
XAMS - EuronextSafran - SAF
XFRA - Frankfurt Stock ExchangeSafran - SEJ1
XWBO - Vienna Stock ExchangeSafran SA - SAF
XBER - Berlin Stock ExchangeSafran SA - SEJ1
XDUS - Düsseldorf Stock ExchangeSafran - 924781
XHAN - Hannover Stock ExchangeSafran - 924781
XHAM - Hamburg Stock ExchangeSafran - 924781
XMUN - Munich Stock ExchangeSafran - 924781
XSTU - Stuttgart Stock ExchangeSafran - SEJU
XFRA - Frankfurt Stock ExchangeSafran - SEJU
XSTU - Stuttgart Stock ExchangeSafran SA - SEJ1