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Hoffmann Propeller

Contact Details

AddressKüpferlingstrasse 9, D-83022 Rosenheim, Germany
Telephone+49 8031 18780
Facsimile+49 8031 187878

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Client aircraft programs

AeroVolga LA-8 Analysis Metal Propellers: HO-V-123 for Lycoming option
Diamond DA20 C1 Analysis Composite Propellers: HO-14HM-175-157 two-blade propeller
Fumicana Aero Agro AA_100 Analysis Composite Propellers: Two blade fixed pitch propeller
Issoire APM series Analysis Composite Propellers: Two-blade constant speed propeller (APM-21 Lion)
NAL Hansa Analysis Metal Propellers: HOV 352FQ+8 two-blade constant speed propeller
Robin CAP 10C NG Analysis Wooden Propellers: HO29HM-189-170 two-blade fixed pitch wooden propeller
Robin Dauphin Analysis Metal Propellers: HO27HM-180/138 two blade, fixed pitch propeller (DR400/180R & DR400/200R)
Robin Remo Analysis Metal Propellers: HO27HM-180/138 two-blade fixed pitch metal propeller
Scheibe SF-25 Analysis Metal Propellers: HO-02-160 B 90 L (all engine options)
Seabird SB7 Seeker Analysis Metal Propellers: HO44HM-177138LD propeller
Tecnam P2002 Sierra Analysis Metal Propellers: HO-V352 two-blade propeller (P2002 JR)
Tecnam P2006T Analysis Metal Propellers: HO-V352 two-blade, constant speed fully feathering propeller
Tecnam P92 Echo Analysis Composite Propellers: HO17GHM two blade fixed pitch propeller
Whisper R&D Whisper Analysis Metal Propellers: Two-blade three position propeller
Zeppelin NT Analysis Composite Propellers: HO-V373-D three blade, variable pitch, swivelling tractor propellers on side engines, HO-V123F-DGV three blade vector pusher propeller at rear