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AIA Aerospace Industries Association

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Address1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1700, Arlington, VA 22209-3928, U.S.A.
Telephone+1 703 358 1000

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Members 3M - U.S.A.
AAR Corp - U.S.A.
Accurus Aerospace Corporation - U.S.A.
Aequs - India
AeroGo, Inc. - U.S.A.
Aerojet Rocketdyne - U.S.A.
AeroVironment, Inc. - U.S.A.
AGC AeroComposites / Unitech Aerospace - U.S.A.
Air Industries Machining Corp - U.S.A.
Alcoa Corporation - U.S.A.
Allen Aircraft Products Inc. - U.S.A.
Allfast Fastening Systems - U.S.A.
AMETEK Aerospace & Defense - U.S.A.
Amsafe Aviation - U.K.
Arkwin Industries Inc. - U.S.A.
ArmorWorks Enterprises, Inc. - U.S.A.
Arnold & Arnold, Inc. - U.S.A.
Arrow Electronics Inc. - U.S.A.
Astronautics Corp of America - U.S.A.
Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing Company - U.S.A.
Ausco, Inc. - U.S.A.
Avcorp Composite Fabrication - U.S.A.
B&E Tool Co., Inc. - U.S.A.
BAE Systems plc - U.K.
Barnes Aerospace - U.K.
Belcan Services Group - U.S.A.
BMT - U.K.
Boeing Company - U.S.A.
BRS Aerospace - U.S.A.
CAE Inc. - Canada
Celestica - Canada
Chromalloy - U.S.A.
Click-Bond Inc. - U.S.A.
CMC Electronics Inc. - Canada
Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense - U.S.A.
Cobham plc - U.K.
Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division - U.S.A.
Collins Aerospace, Interiors Division - U.S.A.
Collins Aerospace, Mechanical Systems Division - U.S.A.
Collins Aerospace, Power & Controls - U.S.A.
Collins Aerospace, Power & Controls Division - U.S.A.
Consolidated Industries, Inc - U.S.A.
Crane Aerospace & Electronics - U.S.A.
CSC Australia Pty Ltd - Australia
Curtiss-Wright Corporation - U.S.A.
Curtiss-Wright Sensors & Controls HQ - U.S.A.
Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies - U.S.A.
Cyient Limited - U.S.A.
Dassault Aviation - France
Dayton T. Brown, Inc. - U.S.A.
Ducommun AeroStructures - U.S.A.
Eaton Aerospace Group - U.S.A.
Elbit Systems of America Commercial Aviation -Kollsman - U.S.A.
Electronic Data Systems Corporation - U.S.A.
Ellison Surface Technologies - U.S.A.
Embraer-Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. - Brazil
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - U.S.A.
ENSCO Avionics - U.S.A.
Esterline Technologies - U.S.A.
ETA Global Inc. - U.S.A.
Exostar, LLC - U.S.A.
Exotic Metals Forming Company LLC - U.S.A.
Fairmont Consulting Group - U.S.A.
FTG Circuits - Canada
Future Metals, LLC - U.S.A.
GE Aircraft Engines - U.S.A.
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) - U.S.A.
GKN Aerospace - U.K.
Global Partner Solutions LLC - Canada
Greene, Tweed & Co. - U.S.A.
Harris Corporation VA - U.S.A.
Heartland Precision Fasteners Inc. - U.S.A.
HEICO - Electronic Technologies Group - U.S.A.
Heli-Coil - U.S.A.
Hexcel Corporation - U.S.A.
Hexcel Structures - U.S.A.
Hi-Temp Insulation, Inc. - U.S.A.
Honeywell Aerospace - U.S.A.
Hughes Bros. Aircrafters Inc. - U.S.A.
IBM Engineering Solutions - U.S.A.
Industrial Metals International Ltd - U.S.A.
Infotech Enterprises Europe Ltd - U.K.
ITI, a WIPRO Company (was International TechneGroup Incorporated) - U.S.A.
ITI, a WIPRO Company (was International TechneGroup) - U.K.
Kaman Aerosystems - U.S.A.
Kaman Composites - Vermont - U.S.A.
Kreisler Manufacturing - U.S.A.
Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. - U.S.A.
L3 Harris Technologies (was Harris Corp (Govt Communications Systems Div)) - U.S.A.
L3 Power Paragon - U.S.A.
LAI International, Inc. - U.S.A.
Leonardo Airborne Systems UK - U.K.
Leonardo DRS - U.S.A.
Level 3 Inspection - U.S.A.
LMI Aerospace, Inc. - U.S.A.
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company - U.S.A.
Materion Performance Alloys - U.S.A.
Meggitt Defence Systems - U.S.A.
Meggitt Vibro-Meter - U.S.A.
Mercury Systems, Inc. - U.S.A.
Microsemi Corporation - U.S.A.
Moog Inc. - U.S.A.
MTorres America - U.S.A.
National Technical Systems (NTS) - U.S.A.
NMC Aerospace - U.S.A.
NMG Aerospace - U.S.A.
NobleTek - U.S.A.
Northrop Grumman Corporation - U.S.A.
Nylok Corporation Aerospace Division - U.S.A.
Omega Air Ltd. - Republic of Ireland
Pall Aerospace - U.S.A.
Parker Aerospace Control Systems - U.S.A.
Parker Lord (was LORD Corporation) - U.S.A.
Parkway Products, Inc. - U.S.A.
PAS Technologies Inc. - U.S.A.
Paulo Products Company, American Brazing Division - U.S.A.
PCC Airfoils, Inc. - U.S.A.
Phillips Screw Company - U.S.A.
Plexus Corp - U.S.A.
Plexus Corp (UK) Ltd - U.K.
Plymouth Extruded Shapes - U.S.A.
PPG Aerospace Sealants & Coatings - U.S.A.
Pratt & Whitney Large Commercial Engines - U.S.A.
Precision Tube Bending - U.S.A.
Premier Precision Group - U.S.A.
Radius Aerospace UK Ltd (was Doncasters Bramah) - U.K.
Raytheon Technologies Corp - U.S.A.
Rolls-Royce North America Inc. - U.S.A.
Rubbercraft Corp. - U.S.A.
Samuel, Son & Co. - Canada
Sanmina-SCI Corporation - U.S.A.
Satyam Computer Services Ltd - India
Servotronics, Inc. - U.S.A.
Siemens PLM Software Inc. - U.S.A.
SIFCO Forge Group - U.S.A.
Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company - U.S.A.
Skyworks Aeronautics - U.S.A.
Solvay - U.S.A.
Southco, Inc. - U.S.A.
Spincraft, division of Standex Intl - U.S.A.
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. - U.S.A.
Stanley Engineered Fastening - U.S.A.
Telephonics Corporation - U.S.A.
Textron Aviation (Beechcraft) - U.S.A.
Textron Systems Corporation - U.S.A.
Timken Aerospace (UK) Ltd. - U.K.
Tiodize Co. Inc. - U.S.A.
Triumph Aerospace Structures - Technology & Engineering Center - Arlington - U.S.A.
TW Metals - U.S.A.
UMA Instruments - U.S.A.
Unitech Composites - U.S.A.
Verify, Inc. - U.S.A. (Joined June 2014)
Vishay Ltd. - U.K.
W.L. Gore & Associates - U.S.A.
Waer Systems Inc - U.S.A.
Woodward Aircraft Turbine Systems - U.S.A.
Woodward Airframe Systems - U.S.A.
Yarde Metals - U.S.A.

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