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ARC Aerosystems

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Aircraft currently in production/development

ARC C-150 Fixed wing, VTOL UAV using BVOLS technology for remote piloting, will eventually be autonomous. Electric/hybrid-electric options with 100km/400km range respectively, both have 100km/h cruise speed.
ARC C600 Fixed wing, VTOL UAV to eliminate dependency on runways/launch and recovery facility. Using BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) technology, ARC C600 can be piloted remotely and eventually will be autonomous. 800 km range and 150 kg payload.
ARC e-Starling Five passenger, hybrid-electric VTOL business jet. Includes the cargo variant, Starling Cargo. In development.
ARC Linx P9 Nine-seater aircraft with VTOL capability. Full-composite structure aircraft, with twin turbo-prop engines, turboelectric/hydrogen fuel cell propulsion and retractable tricycle landing gear. 950 km range and 370 km/h maximum cruise speed.

News and press releases

29/11/2022Press Release: UK-based aerospace startup completes their latest proof of concept for VTOL aircraft
17/11/2021Press Release: SAMAD Aerospace signs MOU with Aerosud Aviation
16/09/2021Press Release: SAMAD Aerospace CEO sits in the first experimental flight test of eStarling demonstrator
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