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Advanced Tactics Inc.

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Aircraft currently in production/development

Advanced Tactics ATRX-700 Light sport helicopter. Inspired by the RotorWay's RW7 design but using the modern drivetrain, engine, and rotor assembly from the Rotor X A600 Turbo. 108 mph cruise speed, 350 miles range, 16,000 ft service ceiling. Can be used for flight training.
Advanced Tactics Barracuda High-speed, long-endurance novel quad tilt-rotor VTOL (in development). Multi-role aircraft and can be configured for a wide variety of missions from long-endurance ISR to high-speed cargo resupply.
Advanced Tactics Black Knight Transformer Modular, roadable casualty evacuation and cargo resupply multi-engine VTOL aircraft. In development since 2010. Highly modular for a wide variety of payloads including a ground drive-train unit that allows it to drive like an automobile. Prototype demonstrator has 10,000 ft service ceiling.
Advanced Tactics Heavy Lift Transporter Optionally piloted VTOL cargo transport aircraft catering for 12 troops. 160 mph max airspeed, 7,600 lbs max takeoff weight, 1,200 miles max range.
Advanced Tactics HMHM The Heavy-Lift Multi-mission Hybrid Multi-copter (HMHM) is a medium-lift long-endurance remotely piloted fly-by-wire vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft that will provide the cargo delivery for the USAF and US Army. 12+ hr. max flight time, 350 kg cargo payload, 1600 km max range and 130 knots max airspeed.
Rotor X RX eTransporter 4-rotor, eVTOL air taxi helicopter. Includes the fuel powered RX Transporter. (In development).

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