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ThyssenKrupp Aerospace France

Contact Details

Address6 route de Bray, F-80300 Méaulte, France
Telephone+33 1 30 49 42 36

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Parent company ThyssenKrupp Aerospace - Germany

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Stock exchange listings

XFRA - Frankfurt Stock Exchangethysenkrupp AG - TKA
XWBO - Vienna Stock ExchangeThyssenKrupp AG - TKR
XLON - London Stock ExchangeThyssenkrupp AG - 0O1C
XBER - Berlin Stock Exchangethyssenkrupp AG - TKA
XBER - Berlin Stock Exchangethyssenkrupp AG - TKA1
XDUS - Düsseldorf Stock Exchangethyssenkrupp AG - 750000
XHAN - Hannover Stock Exchangethyssenkrupp AG - 750000
XHAM - Hamburg Stock Exchangethyssenkrupp AG - 750000
XMUN - Munich Stock ExchangeThyssen - A14RS4
XMUN - Munich Stock ExchangeThyssenKrupp - 750000
XFRA - Frankfurt Stock Exchangethyssenkrupp - TKA1
XSTU - Stuttgart Stock Exchangethyssenkrupp AG - TKA1
XSTU - Stuttgart Stock Exchangethyssenkrupp AG - TKA