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What is Airframer?

The multi-billion dollar aerospace manufacturing supply chain worldwide is growing fast. New businesses and aircraft programs in the emerging industrial nations of the far east are increasing the complexity and the global reach of this vital industry.

Airframer provides a unique and valuable overview of this rapidly-evolving marketplace, with a simple web-based interface for subscribers to drill down into its substantial database or browse up-to-the-minute analysis.

Key data on companies, manufacturers, aircraft, products, capabilities and aerospace manufacturing news is cross-referenced by Airframer’s in-house developed system. Result pages reveal at a glance the suppliers who are most active, the aircraft programs they support, contact data and relationships with other supply chain participants.

Full listings and powerful search options are easily at hand for aircraft programs, supplier companies and all types of product and service.

What does the word 'airframer' mean?

Merriam-Webster defines airframer as "a company engaged in the design and manufacture of aircraft" and reckons it was first used in 1966.