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MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH (Germany)
Contact details
Address Flugplatzstr. 1, Airport Straubing-Wallmuehle, D-94348 Atting, Germany
Telephone +49 9429 94090
Facsimile +49 9429 8432
Email sales@mt-propeller.com
Web www.mt-propeller.com
Client aircraft programs
Aeromot Super Ximango   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-21 constant speed feathering propeller (AMT-300)
Aeros 40D Sky Dragon   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-7-D/LD170-12 three-blade, variable & reversible pitch, wood/composite pusher propellers
Aerostar Iak-52   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-9-B-C/CL250-27 three-blade constant speed propeller
Altitude Radial Rocket   Analysis Metal Propellers: 4-blade constant speed propeller
American Blimp Lightship A-150   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-25-B-C five-blade, constant speed reversible pitch tractor propeller
American Blimp Lightship A-170   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-25-B-C five-blade, constant speed reversible pitch tractor propeller
American Champion 8GCBC Scout   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-15-B/203-58 two-blade propeller, or MTV-9-B/190-18a three-blade propeller (both options on Scout variant)
American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-15-B-C/193-25 constant speed standard on Xtreme variant. MTV-15-B-C/C188-34 two-blade, or MTV-9-B-C/C188-18b three-blade (options on both variants)
Aquila A 210   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-21-A/175-05 two-blade variable pitch propeller
Ashcraft DR-109   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-9 three-blade variable-pitch constant-speed propeller
Auriga Aerocat   Analysis Composite Propellers: Five blade composite hydraulic constant speed propeller
Avantage A-29   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-1A/L170-05 two-blade propeller
Aviat Husky A-1C   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-15B/205-58 two-blade constant speed propeller (option); or MT three-blade propeller (option)
Aviation Enterprises Magnum   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-7-A/17C-112 three-blade constant speed propeller
B&F FK12 Comet   Analysis Composite Propellers: Two-blade propeller
Beriev Be-101   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-9 pusher propeller
Beriev Be-103   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-12-D-C-F-R-(M)/CFR183-17 three-blade variable pitch propeller
Carter 4-Place PAV   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-14DL/D-198-30b four-blade propeller
Cessna 206 Stationair   Analysis Composite Propellers: 3-blade Scimitar propeller for TSIO-520-C and TSIO-520M engines
Culp's MonoCulp   Analysis Metal Propellers: Three-blade propeller
Culp's Pup   Analysis Composite Propellers: Three-blade constant speed composite propeller
Culp's Special   Analysis Metal Propellers: Three-blade propeller
Dallair FR-01   Analysis Composite Propellers: Constant speed propeller
Diamond DA40 Diamond Star   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-6-A/187-129 3-blade hydraulic constant speed propeller (DA40 TDI model)
Diamond DA42 Twin Star   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-6-A-C-F/CF 187-129 three blade constant speed propeller
Diamond DA50 SuperStar   Analysis Composite Propellers: Four blade hydraulic constant speed propeller
Diamond DART-450   Analysis Composite Propellers: 5-blade propeller
Diamond HK36 Super Dimona   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-1-A/170-08 two-blade constant speed propeller or MT-170R fixed pitch propeller
Dorna Blue Bird   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-6-A/172-08 three-blade variable pitch propeller
Dornier 228   Analysis Composite Propellers: Five blade propeller (228NG)
Dornier S-Ray 007   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-21-A-C-R(V) propeller
Dyn'Aero MCR 4S   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-21-A/156-122 two-blade constant speed, MTV-7-A/156-122 three-blade variable pitch, MTV-6-A/156-122 three-blade constant speed (options)
Dyn'Aero Pick-Up   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-7-A/156-122 three-blade electrical constant speed propeller
Dyn'Aero Sportster   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-7-A/152-106 or MTV-6-A/152-106 three-blade constant speed propeller (option)
Dyn'Aero ULC   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-7-A/156-122 three-blade electrical constant speed propeller
Ellison-Mahon Gweduck   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-9-B-C-F-R(M)/CFR213-59 three-blade constant speed propellers
Evektor VUT 100 Cobra   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-12 72" three-blade propeller (VUT110-120i), MTV-9 three-blade 77" propeller (VUT100-131i)
Extra EA-200   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-12-B-C/C183-17e three-blade constant speed propeller
Extra EA-300   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-9-B-C/C200-15 three-blade constant speed propeller (MTV-14-B-C/C190-17 four-blade optional) (EA-300), MTV-9-B-C/C198-25 three blade, constant speed propeller (EA-330)
Extra EA-500   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-5-1-D-C-F-R(A)/CFR210-56 five-blade, constant speed reversible pitch propeller
Game Composites GB1 GameBird   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV14-190-130-1 four-blade constant speed propeller
Gippsland GA8 Airvan   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-9-B/200-58 three-blade scimitar composite propeller
Grob G 120   Analysis Composite Propellers: Five bladed short span propeller (G120TP)
Issoire APM series   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV--7-D/175-51 two blade, fixed pitch propeller (APM-40)
Khrunichev T-411 Aist   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-9 three-blade variable pitch propeller
Lambert Mission M212   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-18-C/175-17d three blade constant speed propeller
Laplan L-451   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-9 three-blade propeller
MSW Votec 322   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-14 four-blade constant speed propeller
MSW Votec 351   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-14 four-blade constant speed propeller
OMA SUD Red Bird   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-1 two blade, electric variable pitch propeller
OMA SUD SkyCar   Analysis Composite Propellers: Three-blade, constant speed, hydraulically controlled feathering composite propeller in pusher configuration
Pacific Aerospace CT-4E Airtrainer   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-9 constant speed metal propeller
Robin Dauphin   Analysis Metal Propellers: Three-blade variable pitch metal propeller (DR400/135 Ecoflyer)
Scheibe SF-25   Analysis Composite Propellers: MT-165-R/130-2A or MTV-1A-175-05 or MTV-21A-C-F/(CF)175-05 propeller (with Rotax 912A engine); MT-170R-/135-2A or MT-175-R/130-2A or MTV-1A-175-05 or MTV-21A-C-F/(CF)175-05 propeller (with Rotax 912S engine); MTV-21A-C-F/CF/1754-05 propeller (with Rotax 914 F3 engine)
Shanghai Vantage CA-80   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-7(D) variable pitch pusher propeller
Softex V-24 Martlet   Analysis Composite Propellers: Three-blade constant speed propeller for V-24L
Stemme S 6/S 8   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-7-A/170-51 three-blade constant speed propeller (S6)
Sukhoi Su-26/29/31   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-3-8-S/L250-21 or MTV-9-260 three-blade propeller
Tecnam P2006T   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-21-A-C-F/CF178-05 two blade, constant speed, full feathering propeller
Tecnam SNAP   Analysis Composite Propellers: 183cm constant speed propeller (option)
XtremeAir XA series   Analysis Composite Propellers: Three blade, constant speed propeller
Yakovlev Yak-54   Analysis Metal Propellers: MTV-9-B-C/CL-250-27 three-blade variable pitch propeller
Zlin Z 143 L   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-9-B/195-45a three-blade, hydraulic pitch controlled constant speed propeller
Zlin Z 242 L   Analysis Composite Propellers: MTV-9-B-C/C-188-18A wood/composite three-blade, hydraulic pitch controlled, constant speed propeller
Rotors & Propellers
Manufactured product categories
Composite Propellers, Metal Propellers
Sales agent categories
Composite Propellers, Metal Propellers
Company press releases
New 3-blade MT-Propeller supplemental type certified on Cessna 206 series  September 23, 2015
EASA STC for 3-blade propeller on Gipps Aero GA8  April 30, 2015
New MT-Propeller for UL / LSA  April 17, 2012

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Dornier 228 NG flies with new five-blade propeller  September 25, 2008
Aviat Aircraft rolls first Husky A-1C off the production line  November 29, 2007
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Boeing to test manned aircraft powered by lightweight batteries April 4, 2007
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