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Beechcraft Baron G58

Lift typeFixed wing
Construction typeFactory-built
Control typePiloted
Engine typePiston
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Low wing twin piston utility aircraft with light alloy structure. Includes ISR variant (surveillance).

Type variants

Variant Launch/First flight Production end  
Beechcraft Baron G58 2017 / 1969 Coventional low-wing monoplane six-seat utility twin aircraft, adoption of Garmin G1000 NXi for G58

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Operations data

For detailed information about current charter operators, maintenance and training providers, and completions services for this aircraft, please consult our sister publication Business Air News: Beechcraft Twin Piston

Supply chain

  (26 links)
Materials Metals (1)
Components Actuation (1) Electrical Components (1) Lighting (1) Mechanical Components (2) Sensors, Transducers & Detectors (1)
Airframe Systems Airframe Assemblies (1) Landing Assemblies (1) Safety & Security Systems (1)
Avionics Avionic Components (1) Communications (Airborne) (1) Imaging and Visual Systems (1) Indicators and Instruments (2) Warning Systems (1)
Power Systems Electrical Power Systems (1) Engines (1) Rotors & Propellers (2)
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Materials / Metals

Kaman Aerospace Aerostructures Analysis | News Metal & Alloy Fabrications: Sheet metal wing parts for Aernnova

Components / Actuation

Electromech Technologies Analysis Electromechanical Actuators: Cowl flap actuator

Components / Electrical Components

Components / Lighting

Astronics Luminescent Systems Inc (LSI) Analysis | News Aircraft Exterior Lighting Systems: LED exterior lighting

Components / Mechanical Components

CAV Systems (was CAV Ice Protection) Analysis Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment: TKS ice protection (FIKI)
Electromech Technologies Analysis Blowers: Ventilation blower

Components / Sensors, Transducers & Detectors

Garmin International Analysis | News Magnetometers: GMU 44 magnetometer

Airframe Systems / Airframe Assemblies

Airframe Systems / Landing Assemblies

Parker Aerospace Aircraft Wheel & Brake Analysis Aircraft Wheels: Cleveland wheels; Hydraulic Brakes: Cleveland ring disc hydraulic brakes

Airframe Systems / Safety & Security Systems

Amsafe Aviation Analysis Seat Belts: Seatbelt airbags (option from 2010 model)

Avionics / Avionic Components

Garmin International Analysis | News Satellite Receivers: GDL 69A WX data link

Avionics / Communications (Airborne)

Garmin International Analysis | News Radio Communications Equipment: Dual GIA 63W com/nav/ILS/VOR/GPS; Onboard Intercom Systems: GMA 1347 audio control panel & 6-place intercom; Radar Transponders: GTX 33 ES transponder

Avionics / Imaging and Visual Systems

Garmin International Analysis | News Weather Mapping Radar: GWX 68 digital weather radar

Avionics / Indicators and Instruments

Garmin International Analysis | News Electronic Flight Instrument Systems: G1000 integrated electronic flight instrument system, with two screens; GFC 700 autopilot.; Moving Maps: Synthetic Vision Technology for G1000; Air Data Computers: GDC 74A Mod1 integrated digital air data computer; Electronic Flight Instrument Systems: GI 275 electronic standby
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis Radar/Radio Altimeters: RDR 2000 VP colour weather radar

Avionics / Warning Systems

Garmin International Analysis | News Collision Avoidance Systems/TCAS: GTS 820 Traffic Advisory System

Power Systems / Electrical Power Systems

Electromech Technologies Analysis Electric Motors: Landing gear motor

Power Systems / Engines

Continental Aerospace Technologies Analysis | News Piston Engines: (500 Series - Beechcraft Baron G58 - Two Continental IO-550-C Special Edition )

Power Systems / Rotors & Propellers

Hartzell Propeller Analysis | News Metal Propellers: Three Blade, Aluminum Alloy, 77" Diameter, Constant Speed Propellers With Full Feathering and Polished Spinners. Scimitar three-blade 7391 (upgrade option)
McCauley Propeller Systems Analysis | News Metal Propellers: C512 aluminium propeller from 2015
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