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Airbus A350

This page lists recent changes to Airframer's data relating to this aircraft program.

30/03/2023Caynova claims first for seat heating and cooling system (news)
29/03/2023Caynova AG (linked to Cabin Interiors)
23/01/2023Triumph Integrated Systems - Fluid Power & Actuation - Clemmons (linked to Electrical Components: Manufacturing of ball bearing control cables)
19/01/2023DragonFly pilot assistance technology enters test phase (news)
19/01/2023Triumph receives award from Airbus for control cables on the A330, A320 and A350 programs (press release)
16/01/2023Green Charter 2022 (linked to )
16/01/2023Airbus UpNext (linked to Flight and Data Management: DragonFly autopilot for A350-1000)
16/01/2023Brunson Instrument Company (linked to Measurement)
17/12/2022Airbus S.A.S. (linked to Engine Components)
17/12/2022Aciturri Manufacturing (linked to Airframe Assemblies: S1000 outboards)
17/12/2022Aciturri Manufacturing (linked to Airframe Assemblies: S19 fuselage section)
17/12/2022Aciturri Manufacturing (linked to Airframe Assemblies: Vertical stabilizer)
10/12/2022Strata Manufacturing PJSC (linked to Airframe Assemblies: Inboard wing flap)
10/12/2022Airbus Atlantic Colomiers (Toulouse) (was STELIA Aerospace Toulouse) (linked to Airframe Assemblies: Centre fuselage)
10/12/2022Saab Aerostructures (linked to Airframe Assemblies)
10/12/2022Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH (linked to Landing Assemblies: Twin-wheel nose unit)
10/12/2022GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems (linked to Windows & Glass: Crystal Vue II coating on passenger cabin windows)
10/12/2022Honeywell Aerospace (linked to Flight and Data Management)
10/12/2022Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division (linked to Landing Guidance Systems: Landing system)
10/12/2022GKN Aerospace (link to Airframe Assemblies: Rear wing spars & trailing edge)
10/12/2022Safran Landing Systems (link to Landing Assemblies: Electronic & hydraulic landing & braking control systems)
10/12/2022Thales AVS France (was Thales Avionics S.A.) (link to Indicators and Instruments: (optional))
10/12/2022Collins Aerospace, Wheels and Brakes (link to Landing Assemblies: Goodrich 6 wheel main units)
10/12/2022Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Centre (link to Airframe Assemblies: Carbon fibre rudders and elevators)
10/12/2022Strata Manufacturing PJSC (link to Airframe Assemblies: Flap support fairings)
10/12/2022Harris Corporation UT (link to Composites: Composite centre wing box struts)
09/12/2022AVPE Systems (link to Structural Components: Flap)
03/12/2022Airbus - Illescas (linked to Composites: Horizontal tail and tailcone)
03/12/2022GKN Aerospace - Filton (linked to Airframe Assemblies: Inboard flaps)
03/12/2022Airbus Atlantic - Nantes (link to Airframe Assemblies: Centre wing box and keel beam)

Information on this page is compiled from a variety of sources, and links do not necessarily imply recommendation or confirmation by the airframe manufacturer.