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Airbus C295

This page lists recent changes to Airframer's data relating to this aircraft program.

05/10/2021India opts to replace AVRO fleet with C295s (news)
27/09/2021Airbus Defense & Space, San Pablo (linked to Manufacturing Services)
27/09/2021Tata Advanced Systems Limited (linked to Airframer: Manufacture and assembly of Airbus C295 for Indian Air Force (IAF) legacy AVRO fleet)
01/09/2021Aciturri Assembly Sevilla (linked to Airframe Assemblies)
12/07/2021Aciturri delivers 200 units of the C295 wings (press release)
17/06/2021Temai Ingenieros S.L. (linked to Airframe Assemblies: Hose ring sensor unit equipment for air refuelling kit)
17/06/2021Temai Ingenieros S.L. (linked to Electrical Power Systems: HEPODIS PDU 270VDC power distribution unit (C295 FTB2 demonstrator))
17/06/2021Temai Ingenieros S.L. (linked to Electrical Power Systems: 28VDC power distribution unit TEFO (C295 FT4B))

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