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AC Products, Inc.

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Proven Performance and Reliability in Aerospace Fabrication Since 1972:

AC Products, Inc. provides a full line of peelable maskants to meet global environmental standards. Our technologies include:

• Solvent Based Coatings & Maskants

– Flammable

– Non-flammable

– USA Exempt (non-VOC, non HAP)

• Water Based Coatings & Maskants

• 100% Solids Plural Component Coatings & Maskants

AC Products process solutions include: chemical milling, etching, anodizing, acid or caustic stripping, plating, black oxide, or powder coatings.

Our maskants are designed to minimize the labor required to produce parts. To ensure our customers are able to maximize part production efficiencies and savings, we provide superior support throughout the process of maskant selection, purchase and implementation into production.

AC Products also offer Contract Manufacturing for a variety of resin systems, coatings and adhesives.

We are proudly certified for ISO 9001, AS9100C and Responsible Care 14001.

Contact Details

Address9930 Painter Avenue, Whittier, CA 90605, U.S.A.
Telephone+1 562 236 1170
Facsimile+1 562 236 1174
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10/03/2022Press Release: AC Products Inc. launches new website
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Parent company Quaker Houghton (Quaker Chemical Corp) - U.S.A.

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