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Quintus Technologies

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Quintus Technologies is a global leading provider of high pressure fluid cell presses and Hydroform deep-draw presses for sheet metal forming. The company is also a global provider of hot and cold isostatic presses for processing of advanced materials.

High-pressure fluid cell forming, or hydroforming, is a low-cost sheet metal forming process designed for low volume parts production, economical due to its operation with only one rigid tool-half and a flexible rubber diaphragm, backed up by hydraulic fluid.

Quintus being an innovator with a strong record of accomplishment, demonstrating its expertise and leadership in high pressure by equipment references at Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, British Aerospace, Cessna, Embraer, Goodrich, Lear Jet, Mitsubishi, Pratt & Whitney, Shanghai Aviation, Xian Aerospace and many, many more. Quintus has installed over 1,900 high-pressure systems worldwide, more than all other competitors combined.

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Contact Details

AddressQuintusvagen 2, S-72166 Vasteras, Sweden
Telephone+46 2 132 7000
Facsimile+46 2 114 1817
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Client aircraft programs

COMAC C919 Analysis Forming: Flexform fluid cell presses for component production (Shanghai Aircraft & Xizi Aviation)

News and press releases

20/04/2021Press Release: Burloak Technologies pushes frontier of hot isostatic pressing with Quintus Technologies HIP
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Parent company Kobe Steel Ltd. (Kobelco) - Japan (acquired Apr 2017)
Subsidiaries Quintus Technologies - U.S.A.

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