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Bell V-280 Valor | Airframer | Bell Helicopter Textron

Doubling the speed and range of conventional helicopters, the Bell V-280 Valor will provide unmatched operational agility to self-deploy and perform a multitude of vertical lift missions currently unachievable.

Moog gains design contract for Bell's V-280 Valor

Works will include ruddervator, flaperon and swashplate actuators, active force feel inceptor system, pylon conversion actuators, flight control computers, power converter units and some hydraulics.

05/12/2022Press Release:
Textron's Bell V-280 Valor chosen as new U.S. Army long-range assault aircraft
The V-280 Valor tiltrotor future vertical lift technology demonstrator is retired from flight.

Bell pitches flight-tested Valor for the army's FLRAA

The V-280 Valor has marked the completion of its three-year flight-test program with a series of demonstrations to highlight its revolutionary performance during more than 214 hours of flight.

17/03/2020Press Release:
Bell will deliver a refined V-280 Valor design as part of the U.S. Army’s Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) program.
Bell V-280 Valor team selected to continue in Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft competition
18/12/2019Press Release:
Beyond expectation: the Bell V-280 Valor delivers results

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