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Skyworks Hawk 5 | Airframer | Skyworks Aeronautics

The Skyworks Hawk 5 aircraft is a bi-product of decades of incremental improvement protected by numerous patents.

Fresh finance advances Hawk gyroplane flight demonstrator

The Hawk that Skyworks is upgrading and preparing for flight demonstrations has flown previously, including an eight week long security mission for the Utah Olympic Public Safety Command during the Winter Olympics.

12/04/2022Press Release:
Skyworks Aeronautics Hawk 5 Gyroplane (Photo: Skyworks Aeronautics Corp 2021)
Skyworks Aeronautics Announces Increased Investment Commitment from GEM to $200 Million
01/07/2021Press Release:
Skyworks Aeronautics' Hawk 5 aircraft. (Photo: Skyworks)
Skyworks Aeronautics starts Hawk 5 certification effort
26/06/2019Press Release:
Skyworks announces partnership with European aircraft manufacturer to produce its runway independent Hawk 5 gyroplane