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Flaris LAR 1 | Airframer | Flaris Sp. z.o.o.

10/11/2023Press Release:
50% shareholding in the Poland-based aviation company will see EDGE bring innovative commercial technologies to the forefront of the defence industry. Joint venture between EDGE and Flaris will see EDGE convert manned aircraft into an unmanned system, pushing the boundaries of autonomous aviation.
EDGE acquires 50% stake in Flaris, marking strategic expansion into aviation technology
28/09/2020Press Release:
Flaris LAR 1 continues flight tests following CAA approval.
CAA approval for Flaris flights
20/12/2019Press Release:
Flaris completed ground tests and extended flight tests
25/05/2019Press Release:
FLARIS LAR 1 first flight.
Another Flaris will soar the skies
10/04/2019Press Release:
Flaris has taken off. Flight tests are in progress

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