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Boom XB-1 | Airframer | Boom Supersonic

04/03/2021Press Release:American Express Ventures makes strategic investment in Boom Supersonic to fuel the future of travel
Boom Supersonic and Collins Aerospace will collaborate on advanced nacelle technology for Boom’s supersonic airliner, Overture.

Boom brings Collins onboard for supersonic nacelles

Collins has completed 19 nacelle certification programs over the past decade, so believes it is uniquely positioned to collaborate with Boom Supersonic as it aims for greater economy and lower noise.

Boom's XB-1 will fly with Titanium 3D-printed components, most of which perform critical engine operations. All parts are manufactured on Velo3D's Sapphire system.

Boom rolls out first supersonic test aircraft XB-1

Getting the XB-1 airborne and through the sound barrier will be a major step towards the development of Boom's Overture supersonic jet. Flight testing will be carbon-neutral, the company says.

08/09/2020Press Release:US Air Force teams with Boom Supersonic for government executive flight program exploration
30/07/2020Press Release:Boom Supersonic and Rolls-Royce agree on new collaboration for supersonic Overture engine program design

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