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Archer Midnight | Airframer | Archer Aviation Inc.

Midnight has received an FAA Special Airworthiness Certificate, and is expected to begin flight test and become the first eVTOL aircraft to be delivered to a customer as part of Archer’s contracts with the Department of Defense (DoD).

Wisk, Archer and Boeing settle litigation and chart the future

Archer reports that it is on track to deliver the Midnight aircraft to the U.S. Air Force later this year or early next year. Archer believes this would make Midnight the first ever eVTOL aircraft delivered to a customer.

16/08/2023Press Release:
Archer's Midnight eVTOL aircraft at the company's flight test facility in Salinas, CA. (Photo: Business Wire)
After Archer recently received FAA Certificate necessary to begin flying Midnight, it continues hitting key certification milestones on schedule as FAA starts to approve Midnight's certification plans
Archer’s Midnight aircraft in the front and Maker in the rear.

Archer rolls out Midnight ahead of first flight

Component manufacturing is under way for the conforming Midnight aircraft. Archer is targeting the completion of final assembly in Q4 2023 and to begin piloted flight testing in early 2024.

09/03/2023Press Release:
Archer's first build of Midnight aircraft.
After unveiling its production aircraft, Midnight, last November Archer nears completion of its first build

Stellantis funding and manufacturing expertise boosts Archer

Archer brings its team of eVTOL, electric powertrain and certification experts while Stellantis will contribute advanced manufacturing technology and expertise, experienced personnel and capital to the partnership.

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