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18/10/2022Press Release:
Electra achieves sale of 1,000th sustainable eSTOL aircraft

Hybrid engine testing marks progress for Electra

Testing of the hybrid-electric system took place at Electra's propulsion development facility in Switzerland. The system uses high-power battery packs and a turbogenerator to power eight electric motors and propellers.

Electra’s hybrid eSTOL design delivers the flexibility of a helicopter combined with the superior operating economics of a fixed wing for clean, quick access to final destinations.

Electra acquires fellow eSTOL developer Airflow

Electra is consolidating Airflow's eSTOL business under the Electra brand. It will integrate Airflow's highly experienced team, backlog of letters of intent and strategic partnerships into its own activities.

Electra’s hybrid eSTOL aircraft with precision landing capabilities will support runway-independent operations where an airfield may no longer be accessible.

Electra/MIT team gains USAF funding for flight controls

Electra's eSTOL aircraft can operate from spaces as small as 300 x 100 feet using its patent-pending distributed electric propulsion and blown lift technology. Funding will help develop its flight control system.

08/02/2022Press Release:
The Phase III contract will enable Electra to flight test their full-scale hybrid eSTOL tech demonstrator aircraft later this year. (Photo: Electra)
Electra wins Phase III SBIR contract with U.S. Air Force to accelerate development and acquisition of eSTOL aircraft

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