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The test flights, piloted by Cody Allee, took place through April and May 2024 at the Manassas Regional Airport and Warrenton-Fauquier Airport in Virginia.

Electra achieves first ultra-short eSTOL takeoff in piloted test

The EL-2 Goldfinch aircraft took off in less than 170 ft and landed in under 114 ft ground roll, the aircraft reached an altitude of 6,500 feet, and it flew as slowly as 25 kts on takeoff and landing.

Electra's eSTOL.

US armed forces put faith in Electra's eSTOL

Two new contracts will enable powered wind tunnel testing to advance Electra's novel aerodynamics database for use in performance analysis, simulator, and control law development, and a conceptual study for the Navy.

Electra's EL-2 Goldfinch takes off on its first hybrid-electric flight on November 19, 2023.

Electra claims world's first hybrid-electric eSTOL flight

The two-seat Goldfinch eSTOL technology demonstrator is reckoned to be the world's first blown lift aircraft using distributed electric propulsion and a hybrid-electric propulsion system.

26/07/2023Press Release:
Climate tech fund Statkraft Ventures invests in Electra to accelerate sustainable aviation
12/06/2023Press Release:
Electra’s eSTOL technology demonstrator is the world’s first blown lift aircraft using distributed electric propulsion, which enables the airplane to take off and land in very short spaces.
Electra unveils full-scale technology demonstrator aircraft to begin flight testing its proprietary eSTOL technology

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