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Horizon Cavorite X5 | Airframer | Horizon Aircraft, Inc.

The company was particularly happy with pitch and roll stability and control throughout the entire transition envelope.

Transition flight testing continues for Horizon's Cavorite X5

Horizon Aircraft will move to outdoor transition flight testing shortly as it continues the detailed design of its full-scale aircraft, anticipating final assembly for flight testing in 2025.

08/02/2023Press Release:
Flight Test Centre of Excellence (3C) and Robinson Aircraft ULC (Horizon Aircraft) sign MOU for collaboration on certification and services
The scale prototype has a 22 foot wingspan.

Horizon completes hover testing of VTOL scale prototype

The maker reports that its aircraft is extremely stable, is capable of full hover at only 65% power, and has hovered with 20% of its fans purposely disabled in order to test system redundancy.

05/08/2022Press Release:
Horizon Aircraft enters into binding agreement with Astro Aerospace for reprivatization
02/08/2022Press Release:
The Cavorite X5
Horizon Aircraft successfully completes construction of a 50%-scale prototype VTOL aircraft

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