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TCab Tech E20 | Airframer | Shanghai TCab Technology Co., Ltd.

15/08/2023Press Release:
TCab Technology E20 eVTOL completes the flight test
19/06/2023Press Release:
TCab Technology E20 eVTOL prototype officially released
24/05/2023Press Release:
TCab Technology signed a contract with Bank of China Minhang Sub-branch
Shanghai TCab Technology received 1 billion yuan in bank credit to accelerate product development and industrialisation
08/02/2023Press Release:
TCab Technology completes RMB 100 million Pre-A round of financing

Chinese tilt-rotor demonstrator achieves transition

The E20 50% sub-scale demonstrator features six-metre wingspan, two lift rotors and four tilt-rotors. Like the E20, the demonstrator uses six rotors in VTOL and transits to four rotors in cruise.

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