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Airbus A400M

05/06/2024Press Release:
Michael Schoellhorn, CEO at Airbus Defence and Space (on the left), and Gundbert Scherf, Co-CEO at Helsing, in front of the Airbus Wingman model.
Airbus and Helsing to collaborate on artificial intelligence for the teaming of manned and unmanned military aircraft
Ready for final assembly to begin.

Aciturri starts final assembly of Lilium Jet

The fuselage is planned for delivery to Lilium facilities in Wessling, Germany in the fourth quarter 2023, prior to planned start of assembly of the first Lilium Jet by year end.

21/02/2022Press Release:
An A400M deploys a drone from its opened rear cargo ramp door whilst airborne, validating its ability to air-launch drones. (Photo: Airbus)
Future Combat Air System: A400M clears the first hurdle as a Remote Carrier launcher
08/11/2021Press Release:
The DIRCM system will detect and destroy incoming missiles via a missile warning unit, and a hand-held air defence systems directed to the A400M aircraft. (Photo: Turkish Aerospace Industries)
A400M is now safer: Turkish Aerospace integrated a new system of aerostructure parts to A400M
14/05/2021Press Release:
New three-year contract extension

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