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The aerial refuelling receptacle destined for the KAI KF-21 Boramae.

PTI delivers first ARR for Korea's multirole fighter

The latest aerial refuelling receptacle design leveraged PTI's existing Boeing F-15 product, but had to accommodate all new installation interfaces and operational loads for the KF-X aircraft.

28/04/2021Press Release:
South Korean KF-21 aircraft with Martin-Baker MK18 seat unveiled at KAI showcase
The roll-out ceremony of the first KF-X prototype, the 'KF-21 Boramae’.

Korean industry combines behind KAI fighter jet prototype

South Korea reckons to have become the eighth nation worldwide to produce its own supersonic jet aircraft. KAI is aiming to source 65% of the list price of the first mass production unit domestically, across 85 items.

Final assembly of the KF-X prototype has begun.

South Korea's KF-X prototype arrives at final assembly

The KF-X's mission computer and flight control computer are scheduled to be mounted on the prototype after performance tests this year, in time to perform ground tests. First flight is slated for 2022.

10/08/2020Press Release:
Hanwha Systems - AESA radar prototype release ceremony

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