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Cessna Citation XLS+

05/05/2022Press Release:
Cessna Citation XLS Gen2
Cessna Citation XLS Gen2 achieves FAA certification, begins deliveries
The next generation Cessna Citation M2 Gen2and Cessna Citation XLS Gen2 business jets.

Textron enhances cabins for next generation of M2 and XLS

The Citation XLS Gen2 includes a pedestal seat design to enhance comfort, while the MS Gen2 has improved the technology offering such as wireless charging capabilities at each cabin seat.

14/11/2012Press Release:
Cessna and CAIGA sign contract for joint venture to assemble and sell Citation XLS+ business jets in China
16/05/2011Press Release:
Cessna selects Aircell for global inflight connectivity
18/12/2009Press Release:
2009: A major turning point in business aviation connectivity

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