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ARC e-Starling

17/11/2021Press Release:
Aerosud Aviation will work with SAMAD Aerospace on the development and manufacturing of the eVTOL Starling Cargo aircraft. (Photo: SAMAD Aerospace)
SAMAD Aerospace signs MOU with Aerosud Aviation
16/09/2021Press Release:
Samad Aerospace CEO Seyed Mohseni with the half-scale eStarling prototype. (Photo: Samad Aerospace)
SAMAD Aerospace CEO sits in the first experimental flight test of eStarling demonstrator
The Starling Cargo aircraft will be remotely piloted with auto pilot capability

Samad begins certification process for its Starling Cargo

The Starling Cargo eVTOL has the potential to change the future of air cargo while reducing emissions, according to Samad, and it is drawing interest from oil and gas corporations to gemstone mining companies.

29/03/2021Press Release:
Samad Aerospace completes first CTOL flight of 50% scale e-Starling
Samad Aerospace has completed the first CTOL flight of 50% scale e-Starling demonstrator.

Samad's half-scale Starling makes first CTOL flight

Ticking off the CTOL flight capability is a crucial step towards validation for the e-Starling. Hovering trials and transition between hovering and aerodynamic flight in both directions can now begin.

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