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With Osaka Castle as the backdrop, Alpha Flights were included in the demonstrations.

Lift's eVTOL takes off in Japan

Lift has formally concluded Phase 1 flight test and beginner flight envelope development with the U.S. Air Force and has launched Alpha Flights, allowing people outside of their Flight Operations and Test teams to fly.

Qarbon Aerospace has completed the first Hexa eVTOL aircraft.

LIFT receives first composite eVTOL from Qarbon

Hexa can fly for up to 15 minutes on a charge with 25% battery remaining for safety margin. Actual flight times are dependent on pilot weight and weather conditions, and will generally range from 8 to 15 minutes.

20/01/2022Press Release:
Parallel Flight's hybrid heavy lift drone - Firefly. (Photo: Parallel Flight Technologies)
Parallel Flight Technologies and LIFT Aircraft enter agreement for hybridisation of HEXA eVTOL aircraft
21/06/2021Press Release:
The Qarbon Aerospace Thailand facility currently manufactures the carbon fibre structure for HEXA and will perform complete system integration and assembly in Red Oak, Texas. (Photo: LIFT Aircraft)
Qarbon Aerospace selected by LIFT Aircraft Inc. to perform complete system integration and assembly for LIFT’s eVTOL aircraft, HEXA, at the Qarbon facility in Red Oak, Texas
29/04/2020Press Release:
New Partnership with Agility Prime & US Air Force

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