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Hermeus Darkhorse

The testing marks the first major engine milestone for Hermeus’ supersonic Quarterhorse Mk 2 aircraft.

Hermeus begins precooler testing with P&W F100 engine

The precooler increases the max speed of the turbine engine by lowering the temperature of incoming air. It is intended for Hermeus' Quarterhorse Mk 2 aircraft.

The coming months will see the vehicle endure a battery of tests across its subsystems, ground station, operations, and human factors to prepare it for flight test later this year.

Hermeus unveils the Quarterhorse Mk 1

Designed, built and integrated in just seven months, this is the company's second fully-integrated vehicle in the past year, following Quarterhorse Mk 0 which completed its test campaign in November 2023.


Hermeus progresses testing of Quarterhorse speed record contender

Hermeus' first flight vehicle, Quarterhorse Mk 1, is actively being built and scheduled to fly in 2024. Leveraging rapid and iterative design is how Hermeus will accelerate development on timelines relevant to its customers.

01/06/2023Press Release:
Hermeus receives first Pratt & Whitney F100 engine
The Pratt & Whitney F100 engine.

Hermeus builds F100 into hypersonic engine

Chimera II is a hypersonic turbine-based combined cycle engine - a hybrid between a turbine engine and a ramjet. This allows for both low-speed and high-speed operation.

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