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Bell 360 Invictus


Sierra Nevada provides mission systems integration for Bell's Invictus

As the mission systems integrator for the Bell 360 Invictus, SNC will play a key role in providing mission equipment that delivers the most cost-effective next-generation capability the Army requires.

The Bell 360 Invictus competitive prototype has completed multiple design and risk reviews with the Army and is on schedule for all program requirements.

Bell reports progress on Invictus prototype

Bell has made progress on the Invictus fuselage, main rotor blades, gearbox assembly, cases and other components. A design-as-built methodology digitally connects the entire program throughout its lifecycle.

25/03/2021Press Release:
The Deos safety-critical DO-178 real-time operating system will be used in a Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) that will fly aboard the Bell 360 Invictus as part of the U.S. Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) Competitive Prototype program. (Photo: Bell Textron)
DDC-I's Deos safety-critical real-time operating system to fly aboard Bell 360 Invictus
ITT Enidine is extending its work with Bell Textron to include the Bell 360.

Textron selects ITT Enidine for vibration control on Bell 360

Team Invictus is developing the Bell 360 prototype, with the Army's FARA program targeting first flight in 2022. Enidine's vibration and energy absorption technology is already certified on the Bell 505.

24/06/2020Press Release:
MAI is developing a fully retractable, tail dragger landing gear system for the Bell 360 Invictus helicopter. (Photo: Mecaer America)
Mecaer America teams with Bell for U.S. Army future attack reconnaissance aircraft program

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