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Airbus ZEROe

25/05/2022Press Release:
Airbus increases its UK innovation footprint to develop new hydrogen technologies
Hydrogen combustion technology for Airbus' ZEROe will be tested on the original prototype A380.

First A380 returns to the limelight with ZEROe hydrogen engine

The A380 will have four liquid hydrogen tanks in a caudal position, as well as a hydrogen combustion engine mounted along the rear fuselage. The hydrogen will be transformed into gas before supply to the engine.

The ZEROe range will need hydgrogen tanks that can withstand  repeated thermal and pressure cycling.

Airbus assigns sites to cryogenic tank development

The design and integration of tank structures is crucial to the performance of a future hydrogen aircraft, so Airbus has established two Zero-Emission Development Centres dedicated to this vital task.


Airbus unveils bold concept for zero-emission flight

A trans-continental airliner, a regional turboprop and a blended-wing airliner are all powered by hydrogen. Airbus aims to have one of them in service by 2035, although airport infrastructure will need huge investment.