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H2 Clipper


H2 Clipper gains patent for "swarm robotics" in airship manufacturing

The company aims to develop advanced robotic technology that employs ambulatory and floor mounted robots working in concert as a "swarm" to co-construct the exoskeleton of its airships.

14/06/2022Press Release:
H2 Clipper achieves major milestone with simulated wind tunnel testing of its hydrogen-powered “Pipeline-In-The-Sky” airship
14/12/2021Press Release:
H2 Clipper selected for inclusion in Dassault Systemes' exclusive accelerator program
30/01/2021Press Release:
H2 Clipper's hydrogen-powered dirigible. (H2 Clipper)
H2 Clipper granted U.S. patent for "lighter-than-air" dirigible design, advancing the company's mission to accelerate the hydrogen economy