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ATR 42/72

01/11/2022Press Release:
Triumph receives first full production Auto Feather Unit order
The Pratt & Whitney PW127XT-M regional turboprop engine.

Future ATR engine gains type certification

The PW127XT-M engine is reckoned to offer 40% extended time on wing, 20% lower maintenance costs and a three per cent improvement in fuel efficiency. It will also fly on 100% SAF.

Universal Hydrogen's newly-liveried ATR 72 test aircraft used for developing the hydrogen retrofit kit and hydrogen module operational handling experiments.

Hydrogen retrofit pioneers set up shop in Toulouse

Universal Hydrogen's HQ, Hangar B16, was originally built in the 1940s and was first used as a civil hangar for aircraft maintenance before being occupied by Airbus during the development of the Guppy and the Caravelle.

18/05/2022Press Release:
ATR paves way for next generation of its best-selling aircraft
11/05/2022Press Release:
ATR 42-600S STOL takes flight in its partial configuration

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