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Beechcraft King Air 350

The Beechcraft King Air 260.

King Air 360/360ER and 260 achieve EASA certification

King Air turboprops have been a popular choice in Europe with more than 460 aircraft throughout the region. Nearly half of all King Airs in Europe are owned and operated in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

28/04/2021Press Release:
The Beechcraft King Air 360. (Photo: Textron)
Deliveries for Beechcraft King Air 360 and 260 aircraft to commence in Brazil with recent ANAC certification
12/11/2020Press Release:
Stamoules Produce Company takes delivery of Beechcraft King Air 360. (Photo: Textron Aviation)
Beechcraft King Air 360 enters into service with first delivery of the newest flagship turboprop
15/10/2020Press Release:
Gogo AVANCE L3 is a factory option for the new Beechcraft King Air 360. (Photo: Beechcraft)
Gogo AVANCE L3 becomes factory option for Beechcraft King Air 360
05/10/2020Press Release:
Beechcraft King Air 360 cockpit. (Photo: Textron Aviation)
Beechcraft King Air 360/360ER achieves FAA type certification; ushering in new era of turboprop leadership and paving the way for customer deliveries

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