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SyberJet Aircraft continues the SJ30 program
Thursday, 16 June 2011

MT, LC the manufacturer of the acclaimed SJ30 light jet, has announced they will operate as SyberJet Aircraft. Earlier this year, SyberJet purchased the assets of Emivest Aerospace out of bankruptcy. Since the acquisition, SyberJet has moved the Martinsburg, West Virginia assembly line to its facilities in Cedar City, Utah and is continuing its operations in San Antonio, Texas.

The SJ30 is the first light jet that can fly non-stop from New York to Los Angeles and non- stop across the Atlantic, giving unparalleled flexibility and convenience for owners. The SJ30's ability to fly faster (Mach 0.83), farther (2,500 nm), and at higher altitudes up to 49,000 ft gives the freedom to fly above the weather, avoid traffic congestion, and fly more direct routes. The SJ30 is the only jet that maintains a sea level cabin to 41,000 ft.

Mark Fairchild, SyberJet's San Antonio General Manager, adds "I am excited to be part of the future success of SyberJet. As a pilot, the SJ30 is an exhilarating jet to fly. SyberJet has a solid operating plan to deliver new SJ30s to the world marketplace. I look forward to providing more people the unique opportunity to experience the high performance capability that SJ30 affords its owners and operators."

Additional details will be released as they become available.

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