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First flight of the electric powered light sport aircraft SportStar EPOS
Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Electric powered aircraft SportStar EPOS made its first flight from the Kunovice airport in Czech Republic today. The aircraft was piloted by Evektor's factory pilot Radek Surý. After taxiing tests at 8:25 am, the aircraft took off for its first test flight. After a short, approximately ten-minute flight, it landed successfully and a second flight followed immediately afterwards. The total time when the aircraft was powered by an electric motor reached about 30 minutes.

"I am glad that we are among the first companies in the world, who have managed to realize the idea of electric motor powered sport aircraft on the level of machine heading toward the serial production. I perceive a close parallel with the automotive industry. In that field, electromobility also struggles for its place on the market, which it deserves, but in doing so it must overcome a number of technical problems. I am convinced that the range of potential of electric driven sport aircraft is very wide," said the manager of the EPOS project Ing. Martin Drštička.

"The philosophy of Evektor includes pushing the boundaries of technical possibilities and finding new solutions not only in the field of aircraft design, but also in other industrial sectors. Through the development of electrically powered aircraft we have proved our developmental potential and enthusiasm of our employees for new technologies and design concepts. Now we have to pass through the period of tests and improvement of technical parameters which will enable us to achieve our goal - a fully operational sport aircraft powered by an electric motor," said Managing Director Václav Zajíc.

The SportStar EPOS (Electric POwered Small Aircraft) is a derivative of SporStar RTC and represents the concept of two-seater sport aircraft of the near future. The experimental operation of the SportStar EPOS was made possible due to close cooperation between Evektor company and the Czech Light Aircraft Association. SporStar EPOS was aerdynamically optimized and is equipped with new trapezoidal wing of extended span. Aircraft is powered by 50 kW electric motor. Installed power unit represents the pinnacle of performance series of drives, which are also suitable for gliders, motorized rogallos or powered paragliding. During the following flight tests, function of the power unit and its effect on flight and operational characteristics of the airplane will be examined. The objective is to develop an aircraft which can be used both by private customers, as well as flight schools as a suitable aircraft for initial pilot training. Protoype of the SportStar EPOS was manufactured by Evektor-Aerotechnik company, one of the world largest manufacturers of the advanced light sport as well as training aircraft. Evektor-Aerotechnik sells its aircraft to 40 in countries all aroud the world.

The first SportStar EPOS presentation to the public will take place at the Europe's largest aviation exhibition Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany, which will be held from 24th to 27th April 2013.

The project of the aircraft SportStar EPOS is realized with the financial support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the guidance of the company Evektor and in collaboration with other Czech companies: Rotex electric - manufacturer of the electric motor RE X90-7, Aerospace Research and Test Establishment - manufacturer of the propeller, MGM compro - manufacturer of the motor control unit and Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology - supplier of the display unit for motor parameters.

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