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Forward. Vision.®EVS-100 powered by Max -Viz added to more aircraft at Comp Air!
Tuesday, 29 July 2008

It is with pleasure that Ron Lueck, President and CEO of Comp Air Inc, announced that he has made available to his ever growing line of turbine aircraft the EVS-100. The Forward. Vision.® EVS-100 powered by Max-Viz enhances pilot safety by enabling a pilot to see more clearly in limited visibility situations. Day or Night the pilot has the peace of mind in knowing that he is better able to determine if he is going to enter IMC conditions inadvertently, fly into unseen terrain, and the added benefit of being able to see hidden ground obstructions because of dust, haze, darkness, rain or snow.

Comp Air Inc. was the very first kit manufacturer to integrate the Forward. Vision. EVS systems into their aircraft and will now  will now make the EVS available on the new additions to their stable of extremely capable aircraft, the Comp Air 9, Comp Air 11, and the Comp Air 12. Their pre existing line, the Comp Air 4 , 6, 7's, 8's, and 10 series are all available and still are available with the Forward. Vision.EVS-100. Comp-Airs' fine line of aircraft range from 180 HP through 1800 HP and have a cruise speed of 175 MPH to 400 MPH. For more information on the terrific Comp Air line of aircraft contact For more information on the EVS-100 visit us at .

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