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AgustaWestland signs Offset MoUs with industrial partners from Polish Armaments Group
Thursday, 18 December 2014

Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland is pleased to announce it has signed Memoranda of Understanding on offset contracts worth nearly €800 million with four key Polish industrial sector companies grouped in the Polish Armaments Group: Fabryka Broni Radom (Radom Arms Factory), Military Aviation Works no. 1 in Łódź, Military Aviation Works no. 2 in Bydgoszcz and ZM Tarnów. The MoUs are an integral part of AgustaWestland's offset proposal for the Polish industry and are a part and parcel of PZL-Świdnik's (its subsidiary) offer within the tender for the supply of 70 multirole helicopters for the Polish Armed Forces, for which the company offers the AW149 helicopter - the most modern and technologically advanced aircraft among the machines proposed to the Polish MoD.

Including offset projects covered by today's MoUs, AgustaWestland's proposal for the Polish industry provides for the implementation of over 50 offset projects involving nearly 25 foreign partners, who will cooperate with close to 20 Polish enterprises representing 60% of Polish defence industry, within the AW149 program performed for the Polish MoD. The total of AgustaWestland's offset obligations amounts to billions of EUR.

The official signing ceremony for the Memoranda of Understanding on offset contracts with the four major Polish industry sector companies representing various areas of expertise and regions, was held on 18 December 2014 at PZL-Świdnik. It was attended by AgustaWestland and PZL-Świdnik management, headed by Daniele Romiti, AgustaWestland CEO and Mieczysław Majewski, PZL-Świdnik S.A. Management Board President, as well as senior representatives from PZL-Świdnik's and AgustaWestland's partners. The event concluded several months' of negotiating, preparing and finalizing offset contracts with numerous Polish defence sector enterprises.

The offset projects covered by the Memoranda of Understanding signed today include the following:

Fabryka Broni Radom – implementation of an offset project to produce helicopter structure subassemblies. Thus, the company that has not been associated with the aviation industry so far will have the opportunity to broaden its capabilities in an entirely new area of expertise and create jobs.

Military Aviation Works no. 1 in Łódź (WZL1) and Military Aviation Works no. 2 in Bydgoszcz (WZL2) are the largest aircraft service centres in Poland. Apart from establishing a MRO centre, with technical support and training provided by PZL-Świdnik, the cooperation with WZL1 will also cover the implementation of an offset project to perform overhauls of helicopter components including the main rotor hub, blades, airframe, the APU and engines (and their verification afterwards). The WZL2 offset project provides for performing MRO activities on a wide range of electronic systems, power generators, flight data recorders, landing gear components, hoists and electronic warfare systems.

ZM Tarnów – offset project performed by firearms and artillery weapons manufacturer covers the production of weapons and weapon systems, as well as ammunition pods and weapon mounting systems for the AW149 helicopter, as well as their ongoing maintenance, including MRO services in the future.

PZL-Świdnik is the only Polish company taking part in the tender for the supply of 70 multirole helicopters for the Polish Armed Forces. If the AW149 helicopter is chosen, a global production and development centre for this modern aircraft will be established in Świdnik, not only satisfying the needs of the Polish Ministry of National Defence, but also opening up global export opportunities for the AW149. This may contribute to the creation of more than 2,000 new jobs. As a Polish defence industry company, PZL-Świdnik will also become one of the most important pillars of AgustaWestland's global activities.

PZL-Świdnik is the only Polish OEM with the capability to undertake helicopter design, research 
& development and production. To date, with nearly 3,500 employees, including almost 630 engineers, the company has produced and supplied more than 7,400 helicopters to customers in over 40 countries across the world. PZL-Świdnik is one of the largest companies in the Polish aviation sector, with a supply chain including as many as 900 Polish companies operating across the country.

The Świdnik-based company is the main helicopter supplier for the Polish Armed Forces. Nearly 
160 helicopters produced by PZL-Świdnik are currently operated by the Polish Armed Forces, including the Sokół, the Anakonda, the Puszczyk, the Mi-2 and the most advanced combat version of the Sokół – the W-3PL Głuszec helicopter, which is the result of PZL-Świdnik's cooperation with the Polish Armed Forces and the R&D sector. Nearly 80% of helicopters supplied to the Polish Armed Forces over the last 10 years were produced in Świdnik. The remaining 20% were made in Russia.

Until now, AgustaWestland's investments connected with PZL-Świdnik have amounted to more than 
PLN 600 million (including privatisation costs).

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