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Schott is preferred partner to Inairvation for innovative cabin lighting solutions
Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Inairvation was selected by Aerion, the leader in supersonic technology, to develop innovative cabin interiors for the AS2 supersonic business jet, as well as manage their certification and production. As a preferred partner to Inairvation for innovative cabin lighting solutions, Schott will support the approach to Aerion's world's first Supersonic Business Jet Cabin with its advanced lighting solutions. 

"We are very excited about this opportunity to support Inairvation. We have many outstanding advanced lighting solutions that will contribute to making the AS2 cabin an innovative and highly aesthetic interior environment in business aviation”, stated Dr. Armin Plichta, Head of Schott's Aviation Business.

Schott is the expert in LED and fiber-optic lighting for application in aircraft cabins with more than 25 years of experience in supplying lighting solutions to the aviation industry. “We are the world's largest supplier for seat illumination and the only source for interior lighting solutions based on LED and fiber optics technology”, Plichta added.

Schott's expertise lies in consistent color control, enabling the creation of extremely homogeneous cabin lighting throughout the entire aircraft cabin. The company offers advanced lighting solutions which perfectly combine the general aspects of lighting: functional cabin and mood lighting as well as accent lighting.

The flagship products Schott HelioJet SpectrumCC cabin lighting and HelioIntense SpectrumCC with Schott HelioLine (flexible line lights) for accent lighting rely on a special color sensor technology to ensure consistency of light intensity and color within all lighting applications in the cabin. “With our lighting solutions, a unique and sophisticated experience is presented to travelers on board. We can realize almost any type of lighting scenario and make it happen throughout the whole cabin”, said Plichta.

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