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Syberjet Aircraft ramps up wiring shop to support Sybervision SJ30i cockpit certification
Wednesday, 20 July 2016

SyberJet Aircraft is pleased to announce that it is ramping up its wire harness shop in Cedar City, UT to manufacture wire harnesses for the SyberVision flight test aircraft, High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) laboratory testing, and subsequent production aircraft. With over sixty wire harnesses completed and shipped and another forty-five in process, work continues to support additional test and production needs. In total, more than eight miles of wire harnesses interface with the upgraded Honeywell avionics suite in SyberJet's forthcoming SJ30i model.

SyberJet's engineering team has completed all of this wire harness design in its San Antonio location to support the SyberVision program. The SJ30i's wire harness has been completely redesigned to ease manufacturing, reduce weight, and reduce electrical power requirements. SyberJet's engineering team has completely revamped its capability by generating 3D models of the entire aircraft (including structural/mechanical, pneumatic, fuel, hydraulic, and electrical systems). Utilizing Zugen E3's 3D wire design software package, the team has designed the wire diagrams and harnesses and then routed the systems three dimensionally through the aircraft. These digital models will make subsequent upgrades and SJ30 model derivatives easier to complete as well as facilitate efficient customer service. Harness installations have already begun on the flight test aircraft (N50SJ) which is slated to fly later this year along the path to SyberVision certification next year.

“As we prepare to deliver SJ30i aircraft as early as the end of next year, we are developing the necessary infrastructure to begin production. We are committed to having a solid foundation of business jet manufacturing capability in Southern Utah not only in aerospace structures, but in every facet of aircraft production,” comments SyberJet Director of Sales and Service Mark Fairchild.

Chuck Taylor, President of SyberJet Aircraft expands on the capabilities of the Cedar City production facility, “Our new wire shop is already demonstrating its ability to build complex wire harnesses to support flight test and our production line. In conjunction with other programs like the recent announcement of the Utah Aerospace Pathways (UAP) program with the Governor last month, we are ensuring that the SJ30i will have a dedicated and competent work force. The wire harness shop is a perfect example of bringing together industry and the local community to develop a world class aerospace facility.”

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