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Stavatti submits Javelin T-X in response to USAF APT RFP
Friday, 31 March 2017

Stavatti Aerospace submitted the new and re-imagined Javelin T-X as a candidate solution for the USAF Advanced Pilot Training (APT) Family of Systems (FoS) Program (T-X). The second of two proposed aircraft to satisfy the T-X requirement, the Stavatti proposal was submitted to PCO David Speed at AFLCMC/AQH yesterday prior to the 1 PM Eastern deadline.

Offered at a per unit flyaway cost of $10 million, the Javelin T-X is the most affordable entry in the T-X competition. The total cost for the Javelin T-X solution for 351 aircraft, 46 ground-based training systems, contractor logistical support, and aircraft engineering manufacturing development/qualification is under $4.7 Billion.

The Javelin T-X is an all-new supersonic trainer design derived from the twin engine ATG Javelin that first flew in 2005. The single engine aircraft is powered by the Honeywell F125 afterburning turbofan and offers a maximum level speed of Mach 1.5 and a stall speed in the landing configuration of 95 KTAS, giving the Javelin T-X the greatest endurance per pound of fuel compared to any other aircraft yet offered as a T-X solution. With a maximum gross takeoff weight of 12,500 lbs, 176 sq. ft. of wing area and area ruling, the Javelin T-X is an homage to the original T-38/F-5.

With a high degree of planform alignment and 2-D thrust vectoring, the Javelin is also the only T-X candidate with low observability in mind. While not necessary for the APT mission, the Javelin will also be produced as a Very Light Fighter (VLF). Armed with two internally carried AIM-9X Sidewinders, an internal gun (or directed energy weapon), and fitted with both a compact AESA radar and a comprehensive electronic warfare suite, the Javelin VLF will introduce a new era of highly affordable fifth generation fighters. Built for 9 Gs at MTOW and offering standard in-flight refueling capability the Javelin meets or exceeds all APT FoS RFP requirements.

Designed entirely in the U.S., Stavatti is moving forward with Javelin T-X development as a private venture funded through risk investor and strategic partner support. First flight of the Javelin T-X conformal prototype may be as early as 2018. If selected by the USAF for the APT requirement, the first Javelin T-X will be delivered as an EMD aircraft in 2019. With five planned EMD aircraft, Low Rate Initial Production will begin in 2024, followed by Full Rate Production in 2026. Stavatti will produce 48 aircraft per year for the USAF followed by additional VLF aircraft annually to meet potential allied export fighter needs.

The Javelin T-X will be built at a Stavatti center in the United States and will directly employ approximately 800 persons for at least two decades. Locations under consideration for Javelin T-X production include Arizona, California, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

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